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  1. Hey all, I'm on the hunt for a second monitor for my setup, currently, I have a Samsung 21.5 inch 1920x1080 60hz one. I do some casual gaming, and quite a bit of 3D and video production stuff, I don't need to worry about colour as I'm not a professional (mostly hobby and school stuff) and on a tight budget. I did want an IPS panel for the viewing angles though. So I found this, the LG 24MK430H-B 24" IPS LED Monitor. It seems a good buy, I intend to use this as my primary display with the bigger screen size and 75hz refresh rate. Has anyone used it? Anything else I should consider? If you are recommending other monitors, I want a vesa compatible, at least as big as my current Side note I live in NZ so Shipping from Amazon and that is almost as much as the product sometimes! Our main computer parts retailer is PB Tech and they have it listed for around $180 NZD or $120 USD. Side note 2 - I have an Nvidia GPU so I don't care about AMD freesync, but I'm also not a hardcore gamer or whatever so I just lock my framerate at whatever the panel is capable of. Thanks Dark_Llama
  2. Does it have a white version? Would prefer it to match future colour scheme. EDIT - I see it doesn't might get it and paint just the top.
  3. What about a CRYORIG M9 Plus or a DEEPCOOL Gammaxx 400 as the latter will match my white aesthetic I hope to go for.
  4. So I currently have an i5 650 (LGA1156) CPU with the Intel heatsink, simple enough right? But the tricky part is I want to upgrade to a Ryzen (AM4) system in a wee bit. I don't want to buy parts that I will have to replace when I do that, but I would like a better heatsink because I am rendering on it and don't want to leave my PC at 100% load for several hours on the stock heatsink. I am also on a bit of a budget, so cheaper options would be preferable, I am thinking tower cooler right now, as to stay on a budget but also allow mild overclocking later on. TL;DR Is there a tower cooler that is compatible with LGA1156 and AM4? Thanks Dark_Llama
  5. Local store - https://www.pbtech.co.nz/ Having a sale soon, so gonna get one then, any recommendations? EDIT - Looking at this one, https://www.pbtech.co.nz/product/PSUCLM3450/Cooler-Master-MWE-BRONZE-450W-80Plus-Bronze-PSU-ME I know it's their low-end line, but don't have the budget for a nice one.
  6. Yea but on a budget, and it's either have the 650W not or have the 750W later. Plus I don't need the extra wattage. I know about all that good stuff but am leaning towards the MWE.
  7. Yea thought better of it now, gonna either buy this Cooler Master MWE BRONZE 650W or this CORSAIR RM750x White Want the white one, but the extra cost is hard to justify.
  8. Cool, hopefully soon I will get a nice PSU, but for now, this sounds like an okay solution. Thanks for your help!
  9. Ah yea, so split the satas, then two molex to 8 pin? Sounds alright.
  10. So I know it's not recommended to do this, but my PSU is rated at 500W and I am putting in a GTX 1060 which recommends a 400W for the whole system, and I don't have any more money right now otherwise I would buy a new PSU. However, it only has 2 molex and two satas on the PSU, all of which are being used up by fans, SSDs and HDDs. So my question is, what is the best way for me to split it out from one of those then adapt to an 8 pin for my GPU? Currently I have both satas being used up by a SSD and a HDD, then one molex is being used up by a HDD and the other by a fan, however, the fan does passthrough so I have a spare molex, but it is a little far away and I'm not sure that those molex to 8 pins would reach, and they all use two molex. So the plan currently is to get a molex to sata, then a sata splitter, then a dual sata to 8 pin. I am thinking this to balance out the load so its not all on the satas or all on the molex. Thanks Dark_Llama PS, sorry if wrong topic.
  11. Thanks, everyone, I might just stick with my CPU at this time as it doesn't need to render fast, just would have been nice.
  12. Hello everyone, I am getting into blender and password cracking and I also do video. I only have a sp4 i5 8gb 256gb laptop with no discrete GPU. I have some 1u servers in my garage that I use for video rendering and blender rendering, but the one I use is a core 2 duo, so not the fastest. It has a single slot and no power connectors for a GPU with a 260-watt PSU. What would be a good graphics card to fit in there, I don't mind using sata to PCIe power adapters, but it obviously has to fit in the power budget with the rest of the system. It has to be a single slot GPU and cant have a double slot heatsink even if the slot cover is one slot. there is moderately good airflow through the system so that's not a biggie. Thanks in advance, The_Audtior
  13. Thanks What about something like This. Its a lot cheaper as its in NZ dollars, its like 360 USD.
  14. Just letting you know, in your system specs, you have a capital I in Displays so it looks like DIsplays