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  1. 2 of my teammates and enemy were flaming me even thought my ADC was 2/10 and I was 5/8 or something. All I said was ''ur bad lol'' and ''you guys suck'' when the game ended. Serious.
  2. So I just got permabanned on League for calling someone bad and I need a new game like it, competetive and addictive. Game I've already played: PUBG, Warframe, CSGO, Overwatch, Hearthstone, Gwent, Dark souls series, Elder scrolls, Ark, Witcher 3. I'm not interested in Dota 2 so don't recommend that. and not minecraft pls
  3. Not exactly sure if this is the right place to post this but I need help getting dust off my GPU and fans. It's literally stuck, won't get off. Tried hairdryer, holding a strong vacuum right above it, tried to scrub it carefully with paper but it just doesn't go away. I've read you can use a toothbrush safely but wanted to ask here first.
  4. i dont care about overclocking so what should i go for instead? also, the cheapest ryzen (5 1400) costs 3x more than G4560.
  5. ive decided to upgrade my pc and the gpu is already chosen, rx 570 and i was going to get a g4560 along with that but I looked at benchmarks and the g4560 performs the exact same as my fx-8320 so what should I get instead? i play in 1080p, want something cheap since i need to get a new mobo and ram as well. id prefer some intel cpu since im not happy with amd at all.
  6. doesnt the g4560 also give me a good upgrade path if i wanted, id rather stick to intel from now on for cpu's but gpu amd
  7. Yeah, know I need to get a new mobo and ram.
  8. I'm planning to upgrade from my garbage FX-8320 to a G4560 (Ryzen 1600 costs 3x more than G4560 and I'm not exactly rich, so...) and I'm wondering how you guys think it will perform in League and PUBG. Also 2 games that I plan on getting into when they release, Escape from Tarkov and Destiny 2. I will also upgrade from my R9 280 to a RX 570 (Gigabyte, most likely). Everything else will remain the same, 8GB RAM, games on SSD etc. I only play in 1080p.