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  1. so I couldnt get it to work still with even with disabling my lan in the bios, apparently that blue screen is from having lan or wifi enabled. I ended up throwing in my extra asus board vs the msi one i had in there and i was able to get it up and running and installed. Also my pump died on my Corsair h115i for the second time, threw in my trusty evga one and worked fine. next im going to clear my two hard drives from the bios to hopefully be able to salvage them again and make some more partitions in them.
  2. I do legacy and install windows and re boot on my nvme and get blue screen
  3. Yes it does have that option, I’ve been using efi
  4. So I’ve done that and I’m getting the error for gpt still on my nvme
  5. not at first but i disconnected them today and tried to reinstall with the same issue of windows getting a blue screen. im in the process of reformatting my usb drive through cmd prompt and reinstalling windows on it. it wouldnt let me format it the easy way.
  6. so to begin with my issue i changed the storage location of nvidia experience recordings to go to one my 4tb hdd's and my pc started acting funny and froze. I rebooted my computer and took way longer to start up, logged in and then my hdd was gone from my list. went into disk manager and it was showing it was offline. tried to make it come back online with no successful attempts. at that point my computer takes a long time to shut down and start up. a day later i lose my 2nd 4tb hdd for no reason. i cant get both of them online now. so i figure ill just do a clean install of windows on my nvme to hope clean up whatever is causing this. i have tried to install it with the removable media and everytime ive installed windows i get a blue screen and tells me i need to reinstall windows on my pc. ive also had to use cmd prompt to clean my nvme and set ti to gpt as well because i was getting and error for that and now my usb drive got messed up so now im reformatting it and going to install a new media tool to it to see if that fixes it. ive never had this serious of a problem before and i cant really think what could of messed it up. its making me think all my drives a failing and ill prob need new hdd's.
  7. i reset everything to default in the bios and now the games work. What do you recommend doing from here since it seems that those are the only affected games and not any other ones?
  8. as i said in my original post i disabled sli and had the same issue
  9. So in my main pc i have a 7940x OC'd to 4.6, with 64bg of ram and 1080ti sli and my other pc is a 8700k OC'd to 4.7 with 16bg of ram and a 1080. Titles like devil may cray 5 and metro exodus instantly freeze the x299 system but work fine on my z370. I reloaded windows on my x299 and still face the same problem and i dont know what to do from here. All my other games seem to work fine but its annoying i cant get some of the new titles to work as well. I even tried disabling sli and still the same issue. my x299 has a two monitor set up with a ultra wide and a 27 inch 4k monitor on the side while my x370 using a 4k tv in the living room. Not sure if that has any affect.
  10. ok so get a switch and a wireless AP, Any recommendations?
  11. So i the place i live wifi comes with the place and i have a wifi router thats set up in my kitchen. There is only one port available for a wired connection and thats running to my pc in my room but i want to get better wifi coverage in my room and the livng room. Ive been doing some research and im not sure if i just need to get a switch then i can run 2 wires to the living room and my bedroom to hook up a wifi extender of some sort( not sure the name) and then i can still run my wilred connection to my pc? I added a pic of what im working with. the cable im using is on the right. not sure what the others are for but im guessing its just connections to other routers in the building.
  12. looks i found the issue. In the Bios the pump was set to auto so i changed it to PWM and now looks to be working fine now
  13. says driver is up to date. version 6/25/2012