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  1. So I'm making an online form in web browser with only 1 text box. I want after refresh it focuses on the textbox and makes keyboard appear. By the way it's on mobile. I'm using usual stuff, HTML5 and Javascript. Any opinion and/or solution for the problem is appreciated.
  2. Thanks a bunch. I will do that. For everyone else I will try that charger and post it here for future reference.
  3. Then what would be the highest I can go? Would it be ok to use 87W or Higher rated charger for bigger laptops?
  4. Guys, I have this Lenovo 20V - 2A laptop adapter, I would like to know if it's ok to use with my Razer Blade Stealth? Razer Blade Stealth (RBS) came with 20V - 2.25A power supply. If yes I would like to know how much leeway we have? Can I go higher? or much lower? I like new USB Type-C standard but using those without frying my device is tricky. I'm completely useless when comes to this kind of stuff. Cheers.