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  1. passwords in plain text on an unsecured Elasticsearch server, for a vpn provider that claims "bank grade protection" i just hope they go out of business soon.
  2. Can you explain why "Twitter hack" is tech news and "VPN Breach" isn't? Just want to learn.
  3. Summary Hong Kong based UFO VPN exposed millions of log files about users of its service, including their account passwords and IP addresses, despite claiming that it keeps no logs. My thoughts Mandatory by government perhaps? or just a chineese government business? Sources https://www.comparitech.com/blog/vpn-privacy/ufo-vpn-data-exposure/
  4. at first video's would not load, now i can't sign in via LTT forum, resetting password does not work. think shit just hit the fan, probably a script kiddy with a ddos or something, everything went behind cloudflair already.
  5. Here is Louis Rossmann's response on why he is not attending LTX. I think there might be some miscommunication there. Hope someone from LMG can fix this, at least make clear that you are loosing money on LTX probably.