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  1. Yeah, so I guess I just answered my own question. As far as ExpressVPN goes its blocks VPN pass through. I connected my phone to the laptop with the VPN on and working. Tried running a speed test on the phone, nothing. Turned the VPN off on the laptop speed test instantly begins running. So VPN pass-through doesn't work. Well, i guess in hindsight this makes sense, ExpressVPN does have its own service that offers a VPN for your WLAN router which is essentially what I tried to emulate. Makes sense that they'd not make it easy to emulate with their usual device service. Thanks anyways though!
  2. Windows has a built-in WiFi hotspot manager, i'm using it. My laptop is an XPS 15 9550 if that helps anything.
  3. The title question isn't exactly easy to understand so here's the gist of it. If I hardwire my internet connection through an ethernet jack on my laptop I can use my laptop as a WiFi hotspot to connect my phone, tablet etc. The question is if I switch on a VPN service on the laptop, will all the connected devices' traffic also be routed through the VPN. Hypothetically would I be able to access say US Netflix through a phone connected to the laptop, if the laptop has a VPN switched on and connected to a US server? Thanks in advance!
  4. Just had a random idea was wondering if it's even possible, perhaps with a special piece of software?