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  1. Hi! I'm a complete noob when it comes to camera. So basically, I know nothing. All I need is a simple camera without too many functions, easy to use, and that takes good pictures. I will mainly using it to take photos on a tripod of objects which I will use for modeling and texturing in Blender. It would be better if the camera can take clear high resolution photos, like 4096x4096. I'm ready to spend 400-500$ on it. What are your suggestions?
  2. I was planing to go with the b350 to save money, but I'll see if I can squeeze a x470 into the budget. Prices are crazy up here in Canada.
  3. So either go with R5 1600/ b350, or R5 2600/ x470, or risk it?
  4. Is a bios update still required for a b350 motherboard for ryzen second gen? Or is a new b350 motherboard (buying soon) already working with ryzen second generation without a bios update?
  5. But that's not a mobile cpu. It is used in a gaming laptop, but I'm looking more for a working laptop. Will be doing schoolwork, but also some programming and no gaming on it. So a good GPU isn't needed really.
  6. I haven't follow the news lately. Is there an announcement or a release date for ryzen mobile cpus? I read about the leak (R5 2500U), but no official statements, or even rumored release date. I'm looking to get a new laptop so depending in how long before it's released, I would like to get a ryzen mobile chip. Thanks
  7. If you want to game at 1080p, the gtx 1070 would do just fine. Even 1440p would be fine in most games on the gtx 1070. Although if you can afford the 200$ extra, the 1080 is definitely nice. About 25% faster.
  8. This. Ryzen loves higher Ram clock. The Corsair Vengeance LPX 3000Mhz is probably in the cheapest ram you can get with that speed (Ram price are also very high atm). Have to tell you though, more than 3000 Mhz might not be running at advertised speed on ryzen right now because of some ram issues. I have some Vengeance LPX 3200 Mhz C16, and my overclocked R7 1700X doesn't like it that much. The system isn't stable. Downclocking the Ram to 2933 Mhz is stable tho.
  9. With the same motherboard and Corsair Vengeance LPX 3200Mhz? Did you just set it to XMP without tweaking anything else?
  10. So even the latest BIOS updates couldn't completely fix the ram issue?
  11. Hi, I'm currently running a ryzen 7 1700X at 3.9Ghz on my asrock fatal1ty x370 gaming k4. I just got some new ram, 16Gb of ram (2x8) Corsair Vengeance LPX 3200Mhz. I just updated my motherboard to the latest BIOS. I'm still having trouble actually getting to 3200Mhz on my ram. Sometimes my system loads up, and sometimes it doesn't. Since I'm new to ram OC, i'm not too sure about the settings in the BIOS. I just turned on XMP and left the default timings (16-18-18-something i believe). Question: are there better settings for the ram that would make it stable? Or just I just lower the ram speed? Thanks
  12. mobo: ASRock FATAL1TY X370 Gaming K4 AM4 ATX Motherboard Cpu: Ryzen 7 1700X OC: 3.9Ghz/1.4v Cooler: Noctua NH-U12S SE-AM4 premium-grade 120mm tower Software: CPUID HWMonitor
  13. Hello, I was wondering if the 20C temperature offset is still there on the 1700X and 1800X. I'm currently overclocking my 1700X and getting around 79C at 3.9Ghz/1.4V (I'm using CPUID HWMonitor to read the temperature). Is it really 79C? Or is it 59? Thanks in advance.