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  1. Hey guys, A little bit of background info: My system is an older X79 with an Asus Sabertooth X79, Intel Xeon E5-2697 v2, Gigabyte GTX1080 G1 and 16GB of G.Skill Ripjaws. I was running 3 older 1080p 60hz dell ultrasharp monitors till yesterday. So I got 3 new monitors (AOC C27G2) and installed them. Everything seemed to work fine except one monitor keeps cutting out randomly and doesn't recover for a quite a long time and it suddenly pops up (it seems to be random). I was initially worried that it was one of my monitors but changing the displayports each monitor is plugged into changes which monitor gets cut out. So it seems to be an issue that stems from the gpu... (its the first displayport from the left that is causing this.) Whats weird is that before I was using the same 3 displayports to output to my old monitors and they were fine. The only difference is that my new monitors are 165hz and my old ones were 60hz. I'm also using the same dell DisplayPort 1.2 cables I was previously using. So far I've tried: Uninstalling and reinstalling nvidia drivers, rolling back to older drivers, turning nvidia surround on and off, resetting the monitors and lowering the refresh rate to 120hz. Nothing seems to fix it. Does anyone know what might be going on or can offer any advice? Thanks in advance!
  2. So I just got my chroma wireless charger but I can't seem to pair it to my phone. These is no connection options in the inbuilt chroma app either. Someone help please. Thanks in advance
  3. Hi guys, Nvidia control panel isn't launching on my PC. I also realized it isn't on the desktop right click menu either. It is however, still on the taskbar. I tried to figure out what's wrong but to no avail. Whenever I try to launch it Nvidia Control Panel Application pops up on task manager for a few seconds and then disappears without any notice. I'm trying to get my first triple monitor setup going and I don't think I can set it up without the control panel. Pls help Thanks in advance
  4. But 8 threads should be meet requirements of pretty much any game right?
  5. ohh okay so it might just be the motherboard or something?
  6. in the situation I was mentioning before, ram usage is around 9GB which I'm pretty sure is around normal usage
  7. ohh okay so its a 1070 thing... might get a 1440p monitor soon then thanks man
  8. So lately I've started noticing that my GPU (Gigabyte GTX 1070 Gaming G1) is always under utilized. But I'm pretty sure its not a bottleneck since I've got an i7 3820 and a 16gb kit of ripjaws paired with my 1070. For example, today I was playing Beam NG on a mod map called american road which is quite resource intensive since it uses about 7GB of vram. I've been averaging 60-70 fps with a few stutters here and there on max settings but I can't help but notice in task manager that my GPU usage is hovering around 75-80% and CPU is at 35%. Anyone have any idea of what might be causing this? Thanks in advance
  9. I was wondering if there is a way to add a keyboard shortcut to change the volume of a specific program. Like turn down spotify without turning down the master volume or something along those lines. Thanks in advance
  10. yeah but the only available ones are conventional ratios... I'd need 9:41 I don't think that's normal lol
  11. Yeah it is. I'm not sure if its against the rules because gta does have multi monitor support just not in my weird config,
  12. https://www.beamng.com/resources/hirochi-prasu.2251/
  13. Haha its gotta be the Sunburst or the Prasu! They're so fun to drive especially with a couple of mods.
  14. Okay so I just finished moving into my new house and setting up my new rig. The new setup has three 1080p monitors two landscape and the portrait one is in the middle (it suits the location best because I have a corner table with not much space.) So I've played a couple of games so far like Dirt 4, ARK and BeamNG Drive. These games work fine because in windowed mode I can just drag the window across all three screens so I get a pretty immersive experience. But GTA doesn't allow you to do this and I've been trying to find a solution but with no success. I've tried editing the commandline.txt file and the settings.xml file but they make no difference. Every time GTA just starts on my main monitor at 1080p. Can someone help me get a 4920*1080 resolution? Thanks in advance
  15. It's pretty much down to what you're looking for. Having an SSD will have a noticeable impact on everyday use like boot times and overall responsiveness. A 1060 will increase your performance in gaming. Personally I would go for a 1050ti and an ssd over a 3g 1060. Because imo, the bump in gaming performance you get from a 1060 over a 1050ti isn't substantial enough to lose out on overall snappyness of the pc, Now if it was a 6g 1060 or a 1070, it'd be a different story.
  16. I'm thinking of selling one of my old rigs: Specs: i5 2500k, ASUS GTX 750Ti OC, ASUS H61-M mobo, 8 GB corsair ddr3, 1TB hard drive, 120gb ssd, 550W PSU and RGB customisable leds in an Enermax ECB2030 MATX case. How much do you guys think I could sell it off for? I didn't wanna advertise first and later find out it was an obnoxious price or anything. I'm living in Australia where a 750Ti and a 2500k are about $150AUD each. Also 8g of corsair ddr3 ram would cost $100 new. The PC still runs flawlessly, I cleaned it up and ran a few stress tests and it's completely stable. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance
  17. I've only tried different ports. I'll try a new cable. Thanks for the suggestion
  18. My system is quite dated (Specs: Sapphire Pure Black X58, Xeon X5680, GTX 780, 24gb ddr3, 2x 1TB WD Blue drives, 120GB SanDisk SSD) theres no m.2 slot on the board.
  19. I have a fairly new WD Blue 1TB drive that I use only for storing Movies and Music. A few days ago it stopped appearing in device manager and the drive had stopped spinning. So I unplugged and replugged the SATA cable (I didn't disconnect it from the PSU), and my PC recognized the drive. I did some tests and the speeds were just fine so I don't think there's anything physically wrong with the drive. But every time I restart the PC, I have to unplug and replug the drive. Anyone know what might be going on? Thanks in advance
  20. Xeons are a safer option for me since I absolutely can't have the system fail on me because it's going to be powered on most of the time and be containing important business data.
  21. oh i didn't know that. I found out that it had a 45 TDP and i was sold. Thanks for the info. I'll try returning it and going for something more powerful like a 1286. Since that seems to be better value for money.
  22. sorry, i thought it was implied but i bought it for a ITX workstation I'm putting together. I just wanted a somewhat efficient cpu that could keep up with some heavy tasks. I know efficiency contradicts my original question about overclocking but that was mostly because I wanted to know how future proof it would be. Because my main system is pretty old but because of an overclock it's still holding up pretty well.
  23. no v3 is the generation..... like 6700 and 7700, the e3 xeon lineup has cpus named e3-1240 v4 and e3 1240 v5. From what I know the 1275L was only built with the e3 v3 product line.
  24. @Electronics Wizardy well its on intels ark so,,,,,, http://ark.intel.com/products/76300/Intel-Xeon-Processor-E3-1275L-v3-8M-Cache-2_70-GHz