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    3.4GHz Intel Core i7-6700 processor
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    16GB DDR4 memory
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  1. Hello, I am looking on the market for a -gaming- wireless headphones with 7.1 surround sound (for fps games). I don't need a mic as I am getting a blue yeti. I want them to last a long time so I would prefer a durable one. I am willing to spend upwards of ~$300. Audio quality and the materials it is made out of are very important to me. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  2. Ok, that is good to know. All I know is that on speedtest.net I am getting worse speeds than what I am getting after I upgraded my internet to what they said was 4x the speed. Is there anything I can do about the constant rubberbanding?
  3. All I know is that I am promised 1024 megabytes per second, as said on my account
  4. Oh wait nvm, I meant megabit. Sorry
  5. ---------------------------- Was mistaken ----------------------------
  6. Megabytes, so ~a quarter a gig.
  7. It is gigabit and megabit Hello, recently I upgraded to Comcast's gig speed internet plan and all I have gotten is utter crap. Starting off - (I have a computer that can handle gig speed, and Comcast's gateway that SAYS it can handle 2 gig speeds. I do have other devices on the network, but they SHOULD NOT be using over 750 mb/s) 1. I am getting less than 250 mb/s connected straight from my computer to the modem (Tried with multiple ethernet cat6/cat5e cables rated at 1 gig speeds) 2. I am getting horrid rubberbanding in games like CS:GO 3. I have already had their tech come out and say everything was fine, which it clearly isn't. Is there ANYTHING I can do about this. I want gig speed, but Comcast is my only option in my area. I am tired of Comcast charging us $30 extra/month for nothing.
  8. Yeah, it is WD, so that would probably not work. Anything else I could try?
  9. Hello, recently I have been moving some data from old external hard drives to my computer. The problem is that one of them says that it is "Not Initialized", meaning I can't access any files. I have tried to initialize it, but both ways I get an error when doing it. Is there any way to recover the data off of this drive? It has very important stuff to me. Thank you
  10. The raceways are a bit out of my price range, but the command clips seem just right for me! Thank you
  11. Hey, so I am in the need of routing a 50ft ethernet cable from my modem to my computer. I have found this cable, but I want to have it along the bottom of my wall, and I need something to hold it up there. Does anyone know of anything to stick it up there? I would prefer if it was able to come off.
  12. OK, that sucks. Thanks for your help anyways. I may just sell the computer on ebay for ~$400
  13. Hello, I have an old Dell Inspiron 2320 that I am planning on turning into a NAS, but I am trying to find out how many hard drives are supported by the motherboard (Dell Inspiron One 2320 NV103 Motherboard). If you could give me any help I would appreciate it. Thank you
  14. OK, I will try moving it directly to the wall. I have had the adapter for a while now, and it was working perfect until now.