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  1. It works fine I just tried it with an older motherboard that I was using
  2. It’s plugged in all the way
  3. Nothing at all no spin no nothing
  4. About a week ago my pc wouldn't turn On at all so I bought a new motherboard both of them are tomahawk b450. It still won’t turn on at all I don’t know what the issue is not even the fans spin. The power supply works its 650 watts so I don’t think it’s that I also got another power supply which is 750 watts but like I said I doubt that’s the issue. Any ideas?
  5. Yeah seemed like it I tested out another motherboard and it runs How can I prevent this from happening again
  6. Pc still doesn’t turn on, no fans spinning not even the power supply fans
  7. I’ll try it right now but keep in mind that I didn’t hear anything nor smell anything but I’ll try it
  8. I tried to test a dead power supply and now it doesn’t turn on my original power supply works
  9. My pc won’t turn on at all not even the fans spin it’s not a power supply issue since it works with another pc. I already took out the motherboard battery and place it back and removed the ram and put it back in. Could the mother board be dead?
  10. This is my current pc, got 300$ to upgrade what should i get https://pcpartpicker.com/user/tony249245/saved/#view=4csRGX
  11. What do yall think of this then https://pcpartpicker.com/list/ggbVLJ in reality i have 400$ but as a small content creator i really need bo4 to make some vids and get more views so i can waste 360$
  12. so currently i have this pc https://pcpartpicker.com/user/tony249245/saved/#view=4csRGX as you can see its wack i want to upgrade it just a bit so that i can edit better and game a bit better unfortunetly my budget is 300$ what do yall think i should buy for this pc.
  13. i disagree with the k thing but the ssd and power supply i do agree on thx for the help tho
  14. https://pcpartpicker.com/user/tony249245/saved/KWrf8d building a pc for my cuz iso this is what i got so far cap is 1500$ any suggestions?