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  1. Alright dude! I took notes! Thank you so much! Have a wonderful day/evening!
  2. First of all, thank you so much for you insightful answer! Best respond I ever got on any forum (guess bc this isnt ANY forum :3) !! Moving on.. I was referring to this video I was thinking about analog mixer, because I am often on the go, and it seems convenient to me. I agree about the GOXLR, many gimmicks as you said, that's why I was hoping you (or someone else) could recommend me a mixer that would provide me with similar audio quality, without all the gimmicks. I went to my local music shop and the guy recommended me this one Alesis MultiMix 4 Would this mixer be sufficient ? Im gonna check out the video you mentioned, and I would like to thank you again for your time. Thank you very much! Cheers.
  3. I wanna upgrade my streaming rig. I am running Blue Yeti usb mic. I wanna upgrade it to a PODMIC from RØDE. (Opinions?) Since its XLR i need a auido mixer/interface. Are mixers like GO XLR overkill for the mic? Can similar quality be achieved with cheaper solutions, like around 100-200$? Now I dont need 10 XLR inputs or anything crazy. Just quality and EQ. FX is nice, but not necessary. Just wanna provide good audio quality for my viewers. Reason for PODMIC: Ive seen many YouTube vids where people compare podmic with SM7B. I couldn't tell MUCH difference at that price gap, but im guessing is because of the mixers the are using in those vids (correct me if I am wrong). My questions are: 1) What mixers would u guys recommend for PODMIC with a purpose of streaming? 2) Do you guys consider any other dynamic mics/set-ups at that price and quality range? 3) Maybe any one of you here are masters of audio and could share a few tips when buying a mixer for dynamic mics? What to look out for? What to concern? Thanks a lot in advance!
  4. Hi! Im a small part time streamer. Im looking for a subreddits where I can post my clips ( 5-60 sec short videos) from my streams. I dont have any intentions of spam pormoting my twitch channel, no. I just wanna share my clips, cuz I think they are cool. If anyone decides to check out my channel, great! If not, thats cool too Im new to reddit ( i know i know), thats why im writing this post. I will be grateful for any tips.
  5. Exactly, so by setting down native ress from 1440 to 1080, I should be able to run the game in full screen windowed mode at 1080p in game setting. Or am I missing something?
  6. Renegad

    Wierd ress thing

    That will be my next step! I alwasy come here first cuz of the amazing support u guys are showing. Thanks for your time buddy! have a nice weekend:)
  7. You are right. Its running at 1080p in nvidia settings. Keep in mind that native ress for this monitor is 1440p. So by setting it down to 1080p i should be able to run the game in full screen windowed mode in 1080p, right ?
  8. Renegad

    Wierd ress thing

    Yeah, my bad for not stating my goal overall. Thats what I was doing and yeah, you can see the result, haha.
  9. Renegad

    Wierd ress thing

    Oh thats the problem! It doesn't react in any other way than shown on the screenshot
  10. Renegad

    Wierd ress thing

    Not really, its just just inconvenient when running 2 monitors. I have my stream on the other screen.
  11. Renegad

    Wierd ress thing

    It does, but despite of my choice I get same picture..
  12. Hi, Can aoyone explain what is going on here? I use two monitors. main 1440p for gaming and second, 1080p. When I try and run Valorant in full screen windowed mode in any other ress than 1440p this happens. This screenshot shows picture from my main monitor stretching over to the second one.. Never happen before. Happens only when I run Valorant in any ress lower than 1440p. Both monitors are connected to my GTX 1080ti. Gaming one with DP and second with standard hdmi cable. Pls help - Renegad
  13. Renegad

    Wierd ress thing

    I forgot to add, FSW works ONLY when I run it in 1440p ress. But once I try to choose any of the other ress the weird thing happens
  14. Hi, I am experiencing weird ress thing when I choose full screen windowed mode(FSW) in Valorant. I cant find out whats wrong. Every other game I run in FSW works fine. Basically, picture from main monitor is stretching over to the other monitor. Does anyone know if this is a thing within the game out side of my reach? Or are my settings f***ed? Check out the screenshot. Im running GTX 1080ti, connected to main monitor 1440p 165hz with a DP. Second monitor is classic 1080p 60hz connected with hdmi to same gpu.