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  1. Why are you using a tablet in your car without the screen being in use? To me that seems like a waste of $180. There are many better solutions to use a microSD card in your car that are cheaper. Also, you said that the Galaxy Tab 2 is slow, however my iPad 2 from 2011 still preforms amazing and I have no slowdowns or issues.
  2. Thanks for that. I really appreciate all the help.
  3. True, I hadn't thought of that... I can try that now, thanks!
  4. Okay so I am creating a video streaming website and I need the videos to have different resolutions. Now this would not be a problem if I didn't care about security/DRM and whatnot, however I am using Wowza on a Windows server (I know... but it is much easier to manage) and I also have a Ubuntu server running NGINX and PHP. I want to be able to upload videos through my Ubuntu web server (I don't care if I have to switch languages), transcode it through something like FFmpeg and then somehow get it to my Windows server. I do not want to use Wowza's transcoding because it slows the server down by a lot and I want a actual file in the format of VIDEOID_1080.mp4 or something.
  5. Thanks! That is actually less than the one that I just remade:
  6. This is the first PC I can build however before I buy anything I want to know if it is any good or if I should change anything.