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  1. yes hayoung The w key went faulty during gaming, i just think the cherry mx died, thats the first thing comes to mind. I have not opened it yet....
  2. my corsiar k95 has 1 faulty key, out of warranty the W sometimes dont register. is it possible for me for soldering a new cherry switch on it? No visible screws at the back, it seems they are under the rubber feet.
  3. Backstory - can skip - I have a down draft cooler on my i5 4460 and b85. 1/3 of the cpu fan broke off but was still spinning most of the time, however, the uneven spin wobbles the whole motherboard. Sometime the fan would not spin, i figured it was ok for the time being. if its gets too hot, it should shut itself down. This went on for a few days. Then the mobo would boot up, but no display signal, internal +external. I have another pc to test everything, except the cpu, mobo and ram. how to determine if cpu or mobo is broken???
  4. Im using ax370 gaming k7 gigabyte, with ryzen 1400. Im stuck on bios F31. the EC FW update just crashed my PC, is it supposed to work? I need bios F40 for 3rd gen? can I ever use 3000 series on my motherboard? I havent tried 2nd gen yet, im currently looking for deals.
  5. what is the active ingredient that cleans metal oxidization? coca cola acid does the same job?
  6. the prices i listed are for functional cards. Im more concerned if the heatsink can be made normal again.
  7. i have seen white spots on gpu heatsink that are sold cheaply. They are oxidized aluminium ? Are mining cards prone to this damage, and what other visible wear? all cpu heatsink are made of alu ? Can they be cleaned and recovered? ie. rx570 under $20usd gtx1060 6gb under $90 gtx 1070 (pictures, showing the worst parts) under $170 assume all with 1 year warranty left
  8. This is just a cheap used monitor 20’’ i picked up for $12usd. I have 3 4K monitors but I don’t have enough knowledge and experience....
  9. Would you know what these dark diagonal lines are?
  10. Also there seems to be diagonal lines across the screen.
  11. What can eat the coating?
  12. After wiping it with a dam cloth, this is what u see. As if some protective cover is stripped? I also have this on the top metal panel of my evolve ATX TG case. The case was used only a few months, but this monitor is much much older.
  13. Logitech K480 wireless keyboard suddenly went malufuntioned today. i dropped it long time ago, but not recently Many keys and linked to other keys. i.e. pressing d = dkp。o=o[, p=dkp 9 = n9 2= 2 (space) e= ew etc... I use it with my ipads, I used different set of batteries
  14. i have varois small stuff on it before, i think they added up to 2kg i have this ikea vittsjo laptop stand with tempered glass on top, its rated at 15kg 2kg just seems to weak, a very slight midhandling would break the glass? it would be on the PC new.... where you get that number?
  15. I want to put a Monitor with a flat wide stand on top of my View 71 Tempered glass. It weights about 5.5kg. I cant find any info on how much weight those 5mm glass can take. The glass is supported by 4 screw points. Are all tempered glass equal? Does anyone know?
  16. Im just not sure whether i did format it myself or not. If i didnt format it, i want to see what was on it. I left it in the corner for some time so i dont remember.
  17. I have this not so healthy HDD, reallocated sector count cation status(crystal disk info), i left it in the corner some time ago. Now it shows up as reallocated (not formatted) in windows disk management. I knew there were problems with this hdd, so I moved the data to another healthy offline backup hdd, the healthy disk had the data I want. However there was no reason to format the disk (in case the healthy backup fails), Im not sure if i really format it before or not. Is it possible that an unhealthy disk can become reallocated itself?
  18. im going to china, last time google stuff didnt work. also isnt google drive limits storage? how would that be enough?
  19. qnap ts251a synology ds412+ and an old asustor not used anymore
  20. I'm going on holiday for a month. I have a mirrorless camera, mavic air, insta360 one x. I think I will need a lot of storage. I don't have a laptop. But can I use my ipad to send photos to my home NAS while on holiday? Synology, qnap, asustor? Otherwise I'm thinking of getting a my passport wireless pro 2tb. I currently have 400gb on 3 ipad, 300gb on sd cards, 500 on smartphones.
  21. xiaomi mix 2 recently all outgoing calls had this noise - sounds like someone blowing bubbles underwater constantly, with some electronic noise. its hard for people to understand me. internet calls also had this problem No idea what to do..
  22. waht card is enough for high and epic settings???
  23. i just run 1080p medium preset performance test, (stress test needed a upgrade license). the result came out fine, max 74 C however upon seeing the result page, before i have time to screencap, the screen flickers alot, then turn into grey mosaic noise screen(not sure about the right term) so i ran it again, no black screen afterwards...