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    I'm me.
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    i5-4460 @ 3.2 ghz
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    Gigabyte GA-Z97X Gaming 7
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    32gb Corsair Vengance 1600mhz
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    Asus GTX-750 TI OC 2GB
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    Corsair Carbide 400R
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    Plextor M8Pe(Y) 256gb NVME as local & 1TB Barracuda as storage
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    Trust 3-way LED
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    Razer Death Adder V2 Left Handed
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    Speakers: Genius SW-HF 5.1 6000 full surround /////////// Headset: Beyerdynamic DT770 PRO STUDIO 80 Ohm /////////// Sound card: Xonar Essence STX II
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    Windows 8.1 x64 Professional, build 9600.

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  1. Now that I bought my first console, a PS3, I joined a society of morons, called console players. Let me explain why I feel this way but before I do, let me also add that there are exceptions of course: not all console players are bad and toxic, some are quite nice indeed. I got my PS3 a few days ago and I joined several 'Console' discord servers. Well, I started asking questions politely about PS3 because I'm new to consoles in general and what did I get? Nothing but a massive scolding. I was scolded. Instead of helping, they kept telling me to get a PS4: "why didn't you get a PS4 noob it's 2018, ps4 is much better and has exclusive content blablabla, why don't you get an Xbox it's better than PS, etc. You can imagine... They also asked why I chose PS3 over anything else. Here's why: because, first off, the online features are free - no paid service is required to play online as opposed to PS4 where you need PSN+ that costs somewhere between 30 and 60 US dollars yearly. It varies based on sales or something. Not to mention I'm far from rich, I'm broke as hell. Second of all, the only game I'm planning to ever play on my PS3 is GTA V Singleplayer AND GTA Online, nothing else. Now a lot of people cringed when I said this - they asked why I'd choose a shittier version of GTA - because "next gen is much better, it has more content, fewer bugs, better graphics, not as many modders, etc". I totally understand, they tried to help me, they tried to get me a better deal, which I greatly appreciate. I told them that I had played GTA Online on PS3 before at my friend's apartment and I loved it better than next-gen - even though I was killed and caged by modders, lmao. (I have also played GTA Online on PC for years. I know what next-gen is like). Yet they kept repeating themselves "why not get a PS4 to enjoy next-gen experience?". No, sorry, I don't want to enjoy the next-gen version, I don't need flying bikes (oppressor or whatever the hell it is called), I don't need offices with bunkers just to run errands across the map and get killed by angry 12 year olds on the way, I don't need dumb vehicles that don't fit GTA V's theme (for example that futuristic tank) at all. I don't want to grind all day and buy shark cards for $70 just to be able to buy an office and a yacht. I just don't need that. In my opinion, Rockstar messed it up. Not in terms of business because I'm pretty sure they get still get positive profit out of it. I think they ruined the game's theme with these dumb updates. Maybe my arguments don't make sense because I only mentioned the downsides of next-gen GTA Online and I do know PS3 GTA Online has its downsides too...I still prefer that one to the next-gen. To summarize, I don't like their attitude. Why do they give a sh*t whether I use PS3 or PS4, or ... Xbox? I mean it's cool they try to inform me about possibly better products, really cool but when they can't stop talking about it - it just gets frustrating. Like, I got it, you have a PS4, enjoy it then and no I won't get a PS4, leave me alone with that nonsense. Sorry for this wall of text I just had to share this.
  2. It would be too long and complicated to talk on this forum because I'm a complete noob at consoles. I need someone on instant messaging. I got some dumb questions about PS3 and GTA V so if you've owned a PS3 and played GTA V, may I add you to discord? PM me with your discord tag. Thx.
  3. Thanks all. Also, im charging my controller now and i see a red blinking light on the controller what does it mean? How long does it take to charge it fully? How do I know when it's fully charged? Sorry this is the first time I ever had a PS.
  4. First off, most important question: it keeps telling me to update software (it says "latest update data was found 4.82" if I remember correctly). Is it 100% safe to update software through internet connection? (WIFI) Secondly, if it has parental control I won't be able to play? (I don't have any games yet so I can't test it) Thanks.
  5. Decent explanation. So that means that my account 'ID' for GTA Online would be my registered Sony name?
  6. So how do I join online in gta for example? What about my account? I still don't get it...
  7. I heard console gamers tend to trade games between each other. (or sell online for a very low price) How is that possible? Ain't they got a key attached to they accounts, like on PC? I don't get it. I wanna get GTA V for PS3 so can I just buy it from ebay or something? Do I gotta create a rockstar social club account and get a legit code first? Or wtf? Thanks. (I'm new to console gaming)
  8. Do you have GTA Online on ps3? Have you recently played it? BTW thanks for the info I guess
  9. Are you 100% sure GTA Online isn't free on ps3? Because some people said you don't need PSN Plus subscription to play gta online. God.
  10. I'm buying a PS3 in 1 or 2 weeks. I'm new to consoles. I'm 24 years old and I've never touched a controller in my entire life. I'm a console virgin. So I need to gather some information to make sure I don't get caught up in uh...bullshit! Like I mostly do... 1.) I've heard ridiculous things such as "PSN Plus" aka paid subscription, which is present in PS4. It means you've got to pay a certain monthly fee in order to be able to play games online. And then there's micro-transactions. And obviously you have to buy the base game itself and probably DLC's too so yeah gamers are being milked hard. So my question is, is this like that in PS3 too? Today, in 2018? 2.) The only game I'm planning to play is GTA V Online and GTA V Singleplayer. Of course I'll buy the game itself for PS3 but will I have to pay a fee just to play online? I need a definite answer: yes or no - don't say maybe; I need someone that's still playing GTA Online on last gen today, at the end of 2018. I must make sure coz I'm a brokeboy I can't afford to pay monthly fees as of right now I've got a shitty job maybe if I get a raise. In other words, Is it completely free to play 'GTA V: Online' on PS3? 3.) Since I only got money for a used ps3 (used one but in good condition), how do I make sure the one I'm buying isn't jailbroken (hacked, modified, altered)? Coz as far as I know it results in a ban. 4.) Is it worth buying a 12GB Super Slim and then replacing the 12GB HDD with a 250+ GB SSD? (Don't say it's not worth buying an SSD in it because I know that. I've got a perfectly functioning SSD in my house that I'm not using for anything so it's basically free real estate for me.) 5.) How do I connect speakers to PS3? 6.) Isn't it extremely uncomfortable to aim with controllers? Like how do you even give headshots? Thanks!
  11. Quite soon am I buying a PS3 console as I got bored of PC gaming. Been a PC user since I was a kid. I need a change. Important it is to note that the only ever game I play is GTA V, nothing else. (Please don't recommend me to buy a PS4 instead; let me explain why: I've got GTA V on PC, that's called 'next-gen' and PS4 is identical. I want PS3 because it's a different version of the game. Yeah, it's dumbed down, ... just worse in every respect I know, still need it tho.) Which PS3 console should I get? I've read online reviews about all these versions and I'm concerned. They say PS3 Fat has a tendency of overheating. I've seen quite a few articles about this and also that it can severely damage the hardware if not completely kill it. As for PS3 Slim version, not sure but it's believed to have no overheating issues at all since it consumes much less power - but does this affect gameplay negatively in terms of performance (lower fps or fps drops, stutters, lags... so on)? Not to mention it's newer than the "Fat" one, so should it be better? Uh, PS3 Super Slim, 1.) Why even is that a thing? 2.) Worth it? Thanks for reading. (My english is bad, sorry)
  12. I think at one point I tried removing just the Creative suite driver and it didn't work. I'll try again because I'm not certain I did this. Thanks.
  13. Thank you for reading that wall of text which is full of grammar errors and shit. Yes I used the official vendor page and I installed the Realtek first as they instructed. Ok, I will try your suggestion. Also I'll try that 3DP thingy. BTW, a little update. I have JUST discovered this. When I play a random music file on VLC and select playback module to "Windows Multimedia Device Output" then the bass redirection works. The rest of the output modules don't work. Maybe this information helps? Picture: https://i.imgur.com/22R2cq6.png
  14. Hi. I've been having this bug or whatever the hell it is since a long-ass time. This bug is an audio bug. In a nutshell, bass redirection does not work at all. I've been trying to figure out the exact cause but I failed each and every time. So, please, someone, some IT god - please help, this crap is getting on my nerves. In depth: (I'll try to provide as much information as it is possible) First off, my specs as follow, Motherboard: Gigabyte GA Z97X Gaming 7 - important: it has an on-board audio card/control unit called "Sound Blaster X-Fi MB3" or something. PSU: Corsair CX 430W Non-modular - 6 years old RAM: Corsair Vengance 1600mhz DDR3 /w dual channel (32gb installed in total) CPU: i5-4460 3.2ghz with stock fan Graphics card: Asus GTX-750 TI OC 2GB Vram Storage device where OS is installed to: Plextor M8Pe(y) 256gb PCI-E SSD HHHL. (I had to use a special driver that I downloaded from the official Plextor website in order to be able to install Windows 7. It's called some "NVME SCSI Disk Device". It had to be loaded during installation from USB stick.) Storage device to store data on: Seagate Barracuda SSHD 1TB OS: Windows 7 x64 Ultimate EN Version 6.1, build 7601 SP1 ... DX Version: DX11 Speaker system: Genius SW-HF 5.1 6000 Peripherials: Razer mouse and Razer 7.1 Kraken Headphones Monitor: LG Ultrawide with built in speakers but they don't work for some reason, idk about it. Problem explained in details: I installed a fresh version of the aforementioned Windows 7 Ultimate. I installed chipset drivers, usb control driver, sata control driver, video driver, Razer Synapse, LAN and Wifi drivers and finally the audio drivers. I had to install 2 audio drivers: 1.) "Realtek HD Audio Manager" 2.) "Creative Sound Blaster X-FI 3" I configured Realtek Manager and Sound Blaster like this: https://i.imgur.com/h4wyZzh.jpg As you can see I enabled Bass Redirection and subwoofer gain, and 5.1. After configuring it worked just fine - the bass was there, no problem but a few minutes later I did a PC restart and then all of a sudden it stopped working. When I play games, play video files / videos from browsers such as youtube, or music, there's zero bass. Nothing, the bass was completely gone. As a test, I started inspecting each speaker individually. There was no bass coming out on either of them (front, center, rear), HOWEVER, when I clicked on the subwoofer icon to test the sound, the bass worked just fine. The subwoofer works! So apparently there seems to be an issue with the bass redirection.... To summarize: it worked once and then never again. (Later on you'll read that I reinstalled Windows several times. Until the first restart it always worked and then not at alll) Additional information: I've had several different operating systems with this exact setup that I mentioned above. I've used: (all of them x64) - windows 8 pro - windows 8.1 pro and embedded - windows 10 pro and home Never ever once have I experienced this audio bug on those operating systems. It's only on Windows 7. I've also used several different versions of Windows 7 such as Home, different build version, etc - the bug was present. So it's only on Windows 7. Things I've tried: (this is gonna be long) 1.) tried ALL possible combinations of settings inside Realtek HD Audio Manager and Creative X-Fi panel - so please don't suggest to re-check those settings because I've literally tried everything including changing the crossover frequency or switching to 7.1. Literally all combinations have been tried. 2.) checked windows audio settings: - I tried disabling all other playback devices except the speakers. - clicked on "configure speakers" and reconfigured it - disabled then re-enabled speakers - clicked on properties > levels tab and tried all possible combinations with the sliders - clicked on properties > enhancements tab tried checking/unchecking those boxes - all combinations have been tried - clicked on properties > advanced tab and checked/unchecked those boxes 3.) navigated to Device Manager and clicked "Update Software driver" option on the following items: - High Definition Audio Device - Nvidia High Definition Audio - Nvidia Virtual Audio Device - Razer 7.1 Chroma - Realtek High Definition Audio I also tried to disable then re-enable and then reboot PC. 4.) tried uninstalling just the nvidia driver and then installing a new version 5.) tried uninstalling just the Creative driver and then reinstalling it and then the same for the Realtek driver. 6.) tried uninstalling all the audio drivers on my PC and then reinstalling the same versions 7.) tried different versions of all drivers 8.) tried uninstalling certain applications that use audio such as discord, chrome, vlc 9.) tried installing all the windows updates (about 220-230 of them) 10.) tried installing just the first few updates (10-20 max) 11.) tried not instaling any updates at all aka 0 12.) tried installing just ~100-120 updates 13.) tried reinstalling Windows7 4 times 14.) tried a different build of Windows 7 and went through the same crap 15.) tried installing Intel HD 4600 (the basic intel video and audio driver) crap 16.) tried unplugging every audio device except the speakers and then installing windows from scratch Here's my currently installed programs and device manager: https://i.imgur.com/Umzz2JX.png https://i.imgur.com/WxpjJqO.png I ran out of ideas. I don't know what else to do....please help. (Sorry for my english it's bad I know) BTW, a little update. I have JUST discovered this. When I play a random music file on VLC and select playback module to "Windows Multimedia Device Output" then the bass redirection works. The rest of the output modules don't work. Maybe this information helps? Picture: https://i.imgur.com/22R2cq6.png Thank you very much for taking your time and reading, I really appreciate it.