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    Just your average tech nerd :P


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    Intel Core i7 3820
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    Intel DX79TO
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    32 GB 1600Mhz DDR3 RAM Dual Channel
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    EVGA GTX 1050 Ti SSC
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    RaidMax Ninja 2 orange
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    PNY 120GB SSD, WD Blue 1TB HDD
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    EVGA 550 B3
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    Samsung 24 inch TV T24C550
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    Hyper 212 EVO
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    Corsair K70 Rapidfire MK.2
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    Corsair Glaive RGB
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    Creative GCS300
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    Windows 10
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  1. As title, power on and the laptop is full 8 bit colour (24 bit) and is set to 32 bit in nvidia control panel However when I wake from sleep, the colour depth is close to 6 bit (64 shades instead of 256) but the settings are still 32-bit This issue didnt occur in Windows 10 and has never occured the last time the machine ran 7 Side note is a 2008 HP laptop and doesnt handle 10 as well as I had hoped driver version 331.82 Had the same issue with the latest for my GPU (342.01) with the same problem (Reverted back because older driver performs better, the new one is just plain) Thoughts?
  2. Vengeance1020

    Stuttering hard in all games - please help.

    Monitoring load on GPU, CPU, and RAM? power saving modes enabled? Does this happen on other games and benchmarks?
  3. Vengeance1020

    Stuttering hard in all games - please help.

    GPU temp? latest drivers? Especially GPU and chipset drivers
  4. Vengeance1020

    Need some speakers with BASE!!!!!

    Having an EQ to mess with helps a lot! I have some old Creative GCS300 speakers which sound mediocre on most systems (are even rated at 120Hz+ freq response) and I got them to sound absolutely stunning with equalizer APO, wish I could pull a bit more out of em but I am happy with the results. I even got an old laptop of mine to sound nice (helped that it had a subwoofer to produce the lows I wanted). Try to look for something that has at least 2-3 inch drivers (or speaker cones, I could very well be mixing something up someone please correct me) to help be able to produce the lows, mine are 2 inch and they get the job done after tuning. Most speakers will do if you are willing to take the time to play with an EQ, just don't cheap out on any lol. Subwoofer in a desktop system I don't find necessary but if its what you like go on ahead, the Logitech Z623 I know are good since I have demoed them and an instructor of mine had those speakers and I thought they sounded wonderful. I hope this helps and that I don't sound insane XD
  5. Vengeance1020

    Is my GPU dead? or is it something else..

    Got another system to test it in?
  6. Check device manager, see if there is an error code for the GPU
  7. Next time the issue occurs, go to device manager and see if the graphics device is still the GTX 1060 If it is, check for the error or stop code in the device properties If it is not (Like Generic VGA Adapter or something like that) then it could be a driver fault (somehow, though the visual glitching doesn't seem right) Report what you see
  8. Vengeance1020

    Idea to get rid of thermal compound/pads?

    as far as I am aware, microscopic craters will always be present, therefore this test may prove inconclusive
  9. Vengeance1020

    New GTX 1060 high temps HELP

    Better than my 260 at 86
  10. Vengeance1020

    MacBookPro no start, no chime, fan spin, no display

    I have been watching his videos but nothing seems to give me any insight as to what this board is doing
  11. Vengeance1020

    New bulid no display

    remove coin cell battery for a minute or move BIOS_CFG jumper from 1 2 to 2 3
  12. Vengeance1020

    New bulid no display

    I do see that, in which I find it odd that the system beeps unless of course its a beep code
  13. Vengeance1020

    New bulid no display

    Check video cable and make sure monitor is set to correct source (some have multiple source options). Make sure the cable is not loose. System beeps so that means it is passing POST so the board has booted (unless its a beep code, which would be more than 1 beep played out in a pattern, if your board is doing that, please report to me the pattern of beeping). So board is good and connections are good so it is likely display/cable or somehow a BIOS config error, you could try clearing CMOS
  14. I have an old MacBookPro which I am working on repairing, With battery it will power on for a few seconds and then power off, on AC it will do the same but then reboot and stay on All Power Rails I have checked so far seem to be working (S5-S0) and Power is being delivered to CPU, NB, SB, and GPU. USB power is present as is SATA power No beep codes with memory removed, memory power is supplied Am wondering if its NB, possibly a short I am lost as to how to continue since I don't have anything to go off of as to what could be wrong. Everything seems to be initializing just fine but POST does not succeed Thoughts?
  15. Vengeance1020

    Fractal s it true?

    According to UserBenchmark, the RX 580 and GTX 970 are very similar in performance, with the exception of Parallax, a render test having to do with certain lighting elements, more info on that here. With the current prices of the RX 580 and the performance he already has with the GTX 970, I would say he is better off keeping the 970 unless he wants to opt for a freesync monitor then maybe. Scrolling down to the portion that shows game frame rates with both cards, the performance difference is negligible with the understanding of margin of error. It is ultimately up to him but he should be aware that it is not worth the cost of getting an RX 580 in replacement of a GTX 970. If he is willing to save up a little more, the 1070 and Vega56 are good options as an upgrade