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  1. I only play runescape, both osrs and rs3 now a days to just mess around. If I play any other titles it will be on my desktop. But usually cant get too involved when not at home. Some slight editing, website development, then the basic word, pdf and excel of course. Rather spend the money and get something a little more than I need to not run into issues and just be able to go with it.
  2. I don't need a powerhouse laptop running a xeon rtx 2080 ti... but I would like a decent laptop for work, light gaming when I am not home, portable... unlike my current 8 year old msi that weighs 10 pounds and is bulky. I was looking at the msi prestige, the razer (thanks to ltt videos naturally) or do I just go towards a dell or hp. I was thinking of putting 1500 on a budget.. but I have been out of the laptop game for so long i could use some direction.
  3. Excellent. Thank you very much for the help. My pc is a ryzen 2700x and might upgrade to the 3rd gen.
  4. So in my current pc I have an nvidea 1070 founders edition. I have another pc with a gigabyte 1060 extreme edition. I am not looking to run in sli, but more to add more monitors to my setup. I have 3 monitors currently and looking to make it 5. Just wanted to use what I had already in my hardware bin is all. Is this possible? Thanks everyone for any input.
  5. Alright I will try that, I did try to boot it originally with my GPU in.
  6. I can't get a video output on anything, would I just have to go through the manual and try and guess which keys to hit to try and navigate the bios and get to that?
  7. Hello all, so I have spent probably a good 8 hours googling and testing and trying and I am out of ideas here on what else to do. So my computer won't give me a video display on original boot for me to get to bios... So I brought it down to my motherboard, CPU, RAM, PSU Motherboard: MSI Z170A Tomahawk AC LGA 1151 CPU: Intel Core i7-7700k Kaby Lake Quad-Core 4.2 GHz LGA 1151 Ram: Corsair Vengeance LPX 16 GB (2x8gb) 288-pin DDR4 SDRAM DDR4 2400 PSU: Corsair CX750M 750W ATX Power supply So I have gone through the Toms Hardware List for not getting a video output. I am using the DVI Display port off of the motherboard, I had tried also to use my graphics card prior to taking it apart, but broke it down to bare basics here. I have the trouble speaker plugged in and my motherboard has EZ Debug lights. I have tried both sticks of ram in every slot and configuration, my motherboard is setup so that slot 2 and 4 is for dual channel but tried both sticks singular, I have ran through multiple online articles, other peoples problems, whether things were seated right, took a look at my CPU and the pins and nothing seemed out of the ordinary. So I took the ram out and got 3 beeps and the EZ Debug light came on for the ram, typical because it had no ram in it I wanted to see if it atleast worked. I plug it all in and no debug lights, every LED and Fan comes on and spins, no beeps, no sounds, nothing but I can't get a video display. I am really confused on what else I should be testing or overlooked. I figured I would break it down and run through Toms Hardware check list again, but can't get anything to happen still... so I am out of ideas. Any help would be appreciated, thank you everyone, Colton
  8. As for the cpu, I probably understand I will be going with a Intel i7 5820k or i7 6850k possibly for all of these.
  9. Hello everyone, So I have been debating on setting up a nas etc for my work and everything, so I plan on getting the corsair 750D case to build a new pc and will buy another hard drive cage for it to bring me up to 9 internal hard drives or possibly 2 more cages bringing it to 12 total. However I am looking for the right motherboard for me to run them all in raid. I know certain 2011 v3 boards can support sata 3 1-6 to run in raid, but wanted to see if I could run more or am limited to those 6 and just get bigger hard drives. I hope that all makes sense and you guys can help me out. Thank you!
  10. Hello everyone, So I finally pulled the trigger and made an account to ask some final questions. I have been doing research for a few days, google, forum posts, YouTube videos etc and I am just still stuck in the middle. Just as I am about to go to one side I read something else that brings me back to the middle. So here is the thing. I have my laptop, desktop pc, cell phone, and camera and I need to store all of my pictures and video on a safe and reliable place. I am a fire, arson and explosive investigator and have documents and pictures of scenes of investigation etc. So right off the bat everyone is thinking we'll NAS is right up your alley then and be able to connect to it on your network etc. However my phone has an sd card, camera has an sd card and they transfer my media to my desktop pc through my card reader onto my desktop for what I need and then I move it to a hard drive where it goes to store as an archive and won't touch it often but may need to go back and relook at things for if court or something happens down the line in a few years. Then I also like to tinker with videos and things like that in my off time etc that just takes up storage. So I apologize now. I am new to the whole nas and external hard drive and raid storage and am trying to learn. If you want me to investigate an explosive scene I can do that no problem but trying to figure out this haha. So I saw that external hard drive enclosures were cheaper alternative to nas as I don't need my entire network to attach to it, really what it is going to be is a file dump for everything, but I want it set up with raid so that way, now correct me if I am wrong but raid 1 or raid 5 in order to keep the files safe so if a drive does die then I can replace it and not lose data, as I am currently kicking myself for not doing it sooner as my one hard drive failed and I lost a bunch of personal stuff, thankfully no business stuff. So my questions is I am leaning to an external hard drive enclosure to setup with my pc and will be running raid, would it better for raid 1 or raid 5? Then also I am not familiar with a lot of these brands for hard drive enclosures would I need one that has raid built into it? Also what brand am I going for, I skim through newegg and half of them are positives and negatives and I don't recognize a lot of these companies so not sure where to go. Just want some recent feedback rather than someone who posted a review 8 months ago etc if that makes sense. Thank you for all of the help by the way in advanced, Colton