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  1. i tried different connectors, its causing this problem only in my machine.
  2. i have a WD 1TB,it works in another computer, but it is not spinning in my computer until i touch it when i grab it, it starts spinning and i can feel the vibration. PLEASE HELP
  3. I tried to install Windows 7 in dell vostro 15. I turned off secure boot, booted into windows 7 installation menu, then I opened command prompt, went diskpart,and cleaned the whole HDD, but it showed "A Required CD-DVD Drive Device Driver is Missing" after that I rebooted the laptop and everything is as it was. but I did clean the drive, it showed successful. but every file is present there. please help, I did not understand this behaviour.
  4. guys i need assistance for a good cheap speaker at about 39USD for my brother. can you guys please suggest?
  5. my modern combat versus is not running. what should i do??? plzz help me.
  6. thank u guys. for the information. it helps.
  7. I want to know, What will happen if i use one HDD/SSD with one os installed to run many systems with different configuration. if any thing happens then why it happens? and for what difference it happens? plzz let me know...........