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    Imminent Deathh

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    Brisbane Queensland


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    Ryzen 5 1400
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    Asus Prime B350 Plus
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    Ripjaws 16Gb Kit, 3000 MHz (2x8Gb)
  • GPU
    Asus Strix RX580 OC
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    Gigabyte C200 Glass
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    Samsung 970 Pro 512Gb Boot drive + 5Tb of Additonal Storage
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    VTX600 (80+ Bronze)
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    2x MSI Optix MPG27CQ 1440p 144Hz
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    Corsair K70 Mk2 - MX Silent Keys
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    Asus ROG Chakram

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  1. Its in pretty much every game, from Ark to The Forest to Dead Island Riptide. but I might try that.
  2. Hey Guys, My games are constantly separating in colour whenever i move. For example is I shift to the side ill see some green or red fringing on the outlines. If you have any other questions let me know, im not sure if its because im pushing the card too hard (Not OC) or if its because the card is getting older RX580. any help is appreciated. Cheers, Mason
  3. Hey Guys, I've just recently purchased the Arlo Pro 2 Wire-free kit with 4 cameras and a base station as i was under the impression that they would give me motion notifications and record small snippits when motion is detected this would then be saved for 7 days for free, as i have recently found out, without the cameras being connected to mains power, they are nothing more than a live camera. I live in a rental so hooking them up to power isn't really much of an option as i have no way to route the cables. I was then under the impression that the cameras would enable notifications once they have a solar panel connected to them so then they have a form of Power beyond the battery, i have also recently found out that that is not the case either. Could someone please confirm that without them being connected to AC power (Wall Outlet) that there are nothing more than live camera feeds making them useless in the case of any sort of security issue.
  4. Cheers for all that, The Memory is spaced apart obviously running in dual channel. The Card Is the 8GB Version, and yeah I know the FPS is to be expected, just didn't want to dump a heap of money into a GPU should I not be able to utilise all that power, hence the CPU and Mobo Upgrade. Ark is shit when it comes to Optimisation it does not run as well as it should. but yes I dial it back to max settings 1080p as that pushes it up to about 40FPS which is "Playable" depending on who you ask. and thanks for the tip about MSI Afterburner.
  5. Awesome Thanks for all that, pretty much what I was looking for, also I'm guessing you're from Australia? same here. So, my old Graphic card was a GTX 1050, not the greatest but got me by. I have updated my Bios, but not for a while, as my Mobo does not like updating, it will often crash or just not update, sometimes I can push an update through but its difficult, that is will using both the updater and using a USB with the Update installed and going through BIOS also just trying to Update direct from BIOS. I have tried setting my Ram to 3000MHz it will cycle about 4 times then post saying the it could not hold the changes, I have both manually and Auto had the Voltage scale with the Ram but it doesn't seem to work at all, I then did exactly as you said and dialled it back to 2666MHz but it still would not hold, regardless of what I did with the voltage slider. XMP Profiles adjusting the Latency, Adjusting the Clocks and Voltage, none of it seems to work, and after about a year of trying I've just drawn the conclusion its the Motherboard and or CPU that will not allow it to reach its specified settings. My PSU was also confusing to me, because even though I am well aware that it is not using enough power for it to be maxing it out, therefore it should never be an issue, it show s symptoms as if that is exactly what it is, and looking around other forums apparently, it is a very common issue. I have seen many posts with people having exactly te same issue as me but once they replaced their PSU it was fixed. so for now I am holding off on OCing my CPU, even though I want to because, why would you not. Finally Games, Currently the game I play most is The Forest at 1440p, and I see an average of about 50FPS which is disappointing, because I have a 144Hz Monitor, Therefore upgrading is the next step. I also play Ark Survival Evolved but at Max Setting 1440P I see only about 20FPS. Finally Minecraft, which is why I was looking at a CPU upgrade, unsure of FPS for that one. Cheers Been trying to get the Ramm issue solved since the day I built the system, I've watched like every tutorial on YouTube, scoured multiple Forums and found that basically 1st Gen Ryzen sucks with Memory and that Board isn't the best for it either. So for my next upgrade I was looking at replacing my CPU and Mobo, but I just wanna make sure that there wasn't something I should focus on first.
  6. No the problem is, I asked a question on the Forum and instead of people actually reply with an answer, just attacking my use of the word, which benefits nobody. Now don't get me wrong I'm not saying everybody has to answer all of my questions, I'm just saying don't respond if you have nothing useful to add to the conversation.
  7. I didn't attack Spotty, I stated what has been happening with my PC and he said Bullshit, its not, it is what has been happening, regardless of what he believes, I just stated that yes it is what has been happening. and I never said it was you, but Cheers.
  8. I mean try and take shots all you like, but I was just asking what is the most lacking piece of hardware I have, so I can focus on it for upgrade next, I know the CPU needs an upgrade. just generally asking for an opinion In the end, its a terminology used commonly enough to where you all knew exactly what I was asking Wow this community can be toxic sometimes, I asked what should I upgrade next and if you spot any Components that I should focus on, and was called stupid and had the pissed pulled out of me for using a word.
  9. Okay buddy had this PC for over a year if you thought that I haven't tried changing the settings in the Bios to run the ram properly, ya might have a wee problem. it won't even boot, at anything above 2333MHz and that because that is what it sets for itself on Auto Settings. Secondly CPU is at a stable OC at 3.8GHz because the temps were very sporadic at 4.0 so I dialled it back, completely stable until I upgraded my GPU to which I encountered Crashing Issues, I have consulted multiple professionals on that issue and they all agree the only issue it could be would be a power delivery problem, to which I removed my OC and voilà no more crashing. seems like a failed OC but was completely Stable, and certainly not a heat issue either as it would crash at 34C.
  10. Hi All, Below you can see my rig Specs, I just wanted further opinion as to how much of a bottle neck my CPU is CPU: Ryzen 1400 Non-OC (Because my PSU can't handle it and my GPU without crashing, was up to 4.0GHz from 3.2GHz) GPU: Asus Strix RX580 OC PSU: Cougar 600w ATX RAM: 16Gb X2 Ripjaws 3000Mhz (Only runs at 2133MHz Ram for some reason, although CPU-Z says its only running at 1064.5MHz) Mobo: Asus Prime B350-Plus Boot Drive: Samsung 970 Pro 512Gb M.2 Drive Storage: 1 Tb WD Blue Case: Corsair Carbide SPEC-ALPHA Black and Grey There's a few issue like my Ram, Mobo and CPU. i'm just asking for your opinion on what to upgrade first when I get around to it (For Gaming obviously) I run all this on a MSI Optix MPG27CQ a 1440p 144Hz Monitor
  11. I believe its the 12 core version that was "Leaked" (In quotes because cant remember the correct term) at around $849 which is $350 cheaper than Intel's 12 core