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  1. Dear LTT community I've been working on a portable project with a raspberry pi and need a fairly cheap (40-80) 5" to 3.5" screens. I'll be using the screen for streaming games using moonlight embedded and would also like to have either resistive or capacitive touch for mouse emulation. suggestions are greatly appreciated Nadaso8
  2. would it be possible to set up this functionality on a GPD hand held android console?
  3. From what I found x86 was required for the steam flavor of in home streaming. I spent a significant amount looking into using a pi2 B+ to stream games. Making it handheld was the main issue.
  4. I would like to prefix my rambling story with one question. Is it possible that I could use something such as the GPD_XD to run moonlight for in home streaming Over the past couple of days (after seeing the newest product from GPD) I've been looking into different ways to stream games around my home in a hand held fashion. After looking around for a while I realized that steam in home streaming would only work on an x86 processor and nearly gave up on the project, not wanting to pay $500 for the full atom chip enabled devices. Later as I was still thinking if there was any other way of preforming the task I remembered the Nvidia shield platform that allowed you to use an arm processor instead of x86. through all of this I was eventually brought back to GPD with their 3ds like android consoles. Before I decide to purchase anything I was wondering if anyone else had tried this and knew if it was possible to install a working version of moon light on to these devices. Note: After more research it seems that others have gotten it to work. It'll be interesting to see if I can get the same results. P.S I'm sorry if I put this in the wrong discussion topic