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  1. So correct me if I am wrong but it should work? I am not to familiar with BIOS finagling or prebuilt workstations of any sort.
  2. So you think it would have a good chance of working? Would there be a place I could check to see if the cpu is supported by the BIOS or is that not a thing?
  3. I recently picked up a Z400 for 40 bucks as a cheap server solution. It uses a LGA1366 socket size. So my question is, can I use a X5675 in a Z400. It's not listed as a supported cpu but it is the same socket type. Would this work as a solution and if so what is the strongest xeon cpu in LGA1366 socket type could I use in this machine?
  4. I have a at&t router in passthrough mode going to a netgear router but I dont think that matters as none of them would be in DMZ mode and I've checked.
  5. Is there a way in netgears logs that I can check if my network is being accessed from the wider internet or is that not really a thing? I just updated my firmware and it says that I am getting [DoS attack: FIN Scan] (1) attack packets in last 20 sec from ip [], Sunday, Apr 12,2020 00:50:44. What does that mean exactly? I assume someone is ddosing my nextcloud server but how do I fix that?
  6. Any idea how to go about fixing whatever the bug is? A simple factory reset and reconfigure or what? I actually just turned the server back on and I immediately got a router soft restart where I lost connection and all the lights shut off then right back on. This happened about 5 minutes after I turned it back on. I checked the logs again and it says my router IP on one port in the high 50k is pinging the port and ip my server is on. What does that mean?
  7. Are you saying that someone is trying to access my server? I thought so but it isn't alot of ports and checking back the last time someone tried to access a port remotely was at 11 and it said "Lan accessed remotely". I find this odd cause the random restarts I was getting were happening around 1 to 2:10ish.
  8. I recently, as of the past 2 weeks, noticed that my router has been losing connection to the internet randomly and I decided to check on my network logs to see what was going on as I do forward a few ports for things like nextcloud and a minecraft server. I am aware of the risks of port forwarding and I checked the logs on my router and found that someone was remotely accessing my nextcloud server from random ports. I don't believe they ever got in but I wanted to ask if it was possible for someone to shut down the network access of my router for a few seconds or someone was ddosing me remotely? I don't know of any attacks that can do what I've been experiencing. For now I've shut down the cloud server and turned off that port on my forwarding and I haven't experienced the issue for about 30 minuted where as I was experiencing it every 5 to 10 minutes.
  9. The reinstall fixed it. Thank you very much.
  10. To specify I'm getting the error "Error while powering on: Unable to find the vmx binary'F:\vmware-vmx.exe'
  11. I've got it copied over and I can't seem to run it still. Do I need to copy over the original iso or is that not needed? Would it be necessary to copy it to the documents folder or can I put it on any drive?
  12. Where about can you do this? I'm on the free version so IDK if that matters but I don't see this option.
  13. I have recentky gotten a new server up and running and would like to move my pihole vm to said new server. Is it as simple as copying and pasting and opening said vm or is there a specific process I have to follow to migrate the vm?
  14. I have a raid 1(2 1tb drives in raid 1) that I want to speed up by using a raid 0(2 500gb drives in raid 0) as a buffer that would offload onto that raid 1 automatically. Is there any way to set this up inside windows or would I need another program. I haven't tried any other OS's as I have little experience with them and I only have one server with multiple VM's on it that is easier to configure in windows. Any advice would be much appreciated.
  15. I see. Thank you for the detailed explanation I get what you're talking about now. Bit by bit would be more troublesome and I thought that but since I have drivers on said drive I didn't know if I had to use any particular programs to clone said drive.