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  • CPU
    r5 1600
  • Motherboard
    MSI X370 Krait Gaming
  • RAM
    Corsair Vengence LED White 3000mhz 16gb
  • GPU
    1060 6gb Gigabyte
  • Case
    Corsair Carbide 100r
  • Storage
    120gb Kingston SSDNow UV400
  • PSU
    EVGA 110-BQ-0500-K1 600w 80+ Bronze Semi Modular
  • Keyboard
    Masterkeys Pro M Cherry MX Browns
  • Mouse
    g403 wireless
  • Sound
    Edifer H840s

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  1. pacoeltaco1

    Audio Technica ATH-M50 vs M50x

    Hello, I have recently found a pair of ATH-M50s on r/hardwareswap for 60 USD. This is roughly 90 less than a pair of M50xs on Amazon. I was wondering if anyone here has used both and can offer some information about the differences between them. Thank you in advance for anyone who contributes.
  2. pacoeltaco1

    Need a high capacity, open backpack

    Going back to school, I don't want to deal with making two or three stops to a locker every day. It should have a nice open space for at least five 2.5 inch binders, and good separate spaces for a laptop and various books. I would like to keep the price under 70 USD.
  3. pacoeltaco1

    Best OEMs/IEMs under 200 USD w/ replaceable cord?

    no offense, but I was looking for something new.
  4. Title says most of it, looking at the ie80s from Sennheiser, but its always good to get a few other opinions. Looking for solid bass without compromising on the mids.
  5. This is either bait or living proof that Linus was right about X299, and I', thinking its the latter...
  6. I love the concept of a thin, sleek, 1080p gaming laptop that doesn't look to 'gamery'. The only problem is the Razer Blade is 2000 USD. Are there any good cheaper laptops that still do well in games but are easily portable and look good?
  7. pacoeltaco1

    Games that Properly Utilize 1440p?

    Of course they are. What I'm saying is that the actual 3d model, say, a rock for instance, was only designed with so many pixels on it when the game was created. Even if I set the resolution higher, it would not increase the graphical detail of the rock. For instance, playing Morrowind in 4k would look almost the same as it would in 1080p. Does this clear my meaning up?
  8. pacoeltaco1

    Games that Properly Utilize 1440p?

    I recently got an AOC 2577PWQ 1440p monitor, a great product for sure, but it seems to me that some games fail to look significantly better in 1440p vs 1080p. I assume this has much to do with the actual textures used by the game. That being said, does anyone have any suggestions for games that look legitimately beautiful in higher resolutions? P.S. Please omit Witcher 3 and Subnautica from this list, as I have already tried them at 1440p.
  9. pacoeltaco1

    R5 1600 OC Voltage Help

    That's what I thought to do. It held up to a 15 min. Aida test so I guess it's fine.
  10. Hello, I am looking for a 3.7ghz OC on my r5 1600. What would you recommend I use for voltage on this frequency?
  11. pacoeltaco1

    Are EVGA gaming laptops good?

    I would agree with this: however, my friend is dead set on 4k for some reason. I've tried to steer him away but after a while I just resigned.
  12. pacoeltaco1

    Are EVGA gaming laptops good?

    Besides, it doesn't have a 4k screen. I don't personally value this that much but my friend insisted on it.
  13. pacoeltaco1

    Are EVGA gaming laptops good?

    I dunno, the Aorus is actually more money on Newegg, Not sure if this is just an outlying case though.
  14. pacoeltaco1

    Are EVGA gaming laptops good?

    I know that laptops are a lot more expensive Tom. Unfortunately this friend of mine is shipping off to college soon and needs something portable that he can also take notes and work in class with, but he also wanted high class gaming. Thank you for the concern though.