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  1. Is anyone here good at math?

    Educational wise, Is that a mathematics Degree level math question?
  2. What song are you listening to right now.

    Song breathless by hiroyuki sawano the guys a legend
  3. Is anyone here good at math?

    Is that degree level math?
  4. would a ps4 be a good trade i need some halp

    Hell yeah, A ps4 here cost like £150 now so it is defiantly a steal!
  5. Steam link mega deal!

    The team link is on deal with a game for £7 http://store.steampowered.com/bundle/5025/ICEY__Steam_Link_Bundle/ Its normally £40
  6. Best 1440p 60hz+ gaming monitor

    I want to get a good 1440p monitor that has a large screen and a good refresh rate for gaming So - 27+ Size - 60+ HZ - 1440P Price range: 200-250 £
  7. Looking for new Gaming headset!

    Yes, I Will be wearing the headset for hours. i would like it to have a microphone with it and not an attachment
  8. Looking for new Gaming headset!

    So its between the cloud, g430 and arctis 3?
  9. Looking for new Gaming headset!

    Im going for music and gaming all kinds of games and music, I currently have a siberia V2 so i want something with better sound quality Is the arctic 3 any good? And is the g430 got good sound quality?
  10. Looking for new Gaming headset!

    I am looking for some new headphones that include - Microphone - Good quality one! - Superb sound quality - Some good bass as well - 7.1 Maybe? - Heard that its good but not sure £100 Price range My current headset is A Siberia v2
  11. Best 4k monitor for £350?

    Okay, Thank you for your help!
  12. Best 4k monitor for £350?

    is the 5ms response time going to affect gaming regrding the LG27UD68?
  13. New Desk and New PC

    You like your silent hill games thats for sure!
  14. Best 4k monitor for £350?

    I asked this question before and got no good responses, I am looking for a 4k gaming monitor with a large screen 60hz any ideas? so far i am thinking of ASUS PB287Q 28" 4k
  15. Best 4k monitor

    I want a 24+ inch monitor with 4k resolution and a fast response rate I only have around £200 i can push it to £250