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  1. My brothers pc wont boot but its lights come on thats all the information i have currently does anyone know what might be the issue my guess is the psu.
  2. Mouse have Hz settings!

    Just found out after being a pc gamer for nearly 10 years that you can change your mouse hertz and the starting hertz is 125 thats 8ms delay! and i can change the settings to 1000hz never knew this
  3. My Gaming build blueprint "help"

    Is that cooler compatible, This will be my first full build i dont wanna get any parts that wont work, Also does anyone know any good white cases?
  4. My Gaming build blueprint "help"

    I plan to add more in the future, is there some parts that cost a lot more that dont do much?
  5. Currently trying to build this https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/user/sordxyx/saved/TtXD8d I have so far only got the 1080 but i am wondering if the other parts are adequate. Should i change anything?
  6. My computer cant detect dvds?

    It knows the DVD drive is there it just cant open or see any dvds or cds inserted into it
  7. My computer cant detect dvds?

    It does it shows up in both device manager and the windows drive area
  8. My computer cant detect or open any cd or dvds i put in it i have deleted the drivers and redownloaded them and it still cannot detect them
  9. LF 144HZ Gaming Monitor

    Looking for a new monitor for mostly gaming and watching movies Requirements: 1080p, 144hz, Thin bezel if possible not 100% needed, 25inch and freesync Price cap £200 to 250 Was trying to get a VG278Q but its to expensive sadly
  10. Looking for a new monitor

    Looking for a new monitor for mostly gaming and watching movies requirements: 1440p 144hz thin bezel if can 27 inch Price cap £300 to about £350
  11. New desk help!

    Sorry for the exteremly late reply, Im wanting the ikea one beacuse its a nice glossy white and plywood is well not
  12. New desk help!

    Damn, my corner is exactly 146cm and the only other desks are around 120 or 140
  13. New desk help!

    Dont own one, Thinking i should go to a wood work shop and ask them to do it?
  14. New desk help!

    So im planning on buying a new desk and i have this in mind http://www.ikea.com/gb/en/products/desks/table-tops-legs/linnmon-table-top-white-white-stained-oak-effect-art-20353741/ Problem is it is 3CM longer than what i need it to be so how would i go about getting a clean cut so there are no visable damages the side is gonna go up against a wall so i wont see the inner wood bit anyone got any ideas
  15. How to boost monitors height?

    Is there anything i can buy that will boost the height of my monitor? Currently using a old wooden brick and im getting a new desk i wont want that thing anymore