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  1. ok thank you guys for answers
  2. I am using XMP profile which runs at 3600Mhz speed with 16-16-16-36-52 1T, also i did prime95 test and there wasn't any error after running it ~30mins, with my old MB i had an error even at 3400Mhz speed so i am thinking that it is GPU issue, because it doesn't pass VGA LED and that LED stays longer than CPU and DRAM i am thinking that when i am closing case side panel, then it pushing power cable and liquid tubes and something happens that trigger an issue
  3. i forgot to mention, that i tried to put in my friennd's Gygabyte 1060 3Gb GPU and it didn't had that buzzing sound also when i turn off PC and GPU buzzing, then DRAM LED is on, even PSU is unpluged from MB and GPU and stays until i remove GPU, then DRAM LED is off and when i put GPU back into PCIe, then DRAM LED is still off and GPU aren't buzzing
  4. hello i have weird GPU buzzing, when PC is off (hard to tell if it has buzzing when on, because fans are louder) and even when i unplug power cables it still buzzing, only when i take it out from PCIe slot, then it stops buzzing also yesterday i installed new MB gigabyte x570 aorus master and i had several times looping LEDs CPU -> DRAM -> VGA, i think after VGA it should be BOOT led, when it start to load OS, but after few Loops MB resets BIOS could it be some kind of GPU problem, that doesn't let PC boot and smart BIOS resets itself my pc: gigabyte x570 aorus master Ryzen 3700x gskill 2x 8Gb - XMP 3600 16-16-16-36-52 1T EVGA 1080 hybrid EVGA 850W G3 supernova gold Samsung M2 970 evo 280Gb Crucial MX500 1TB SATA
  5. i didnt mean that it is using less CPU, but it is using VRAM instead of RAM and that means video quality is better because now it doesn't need to move data to RAM, but RTX card is handling it in VRAM i mean that some old MMO games has checkbox with option "Hardware acceleration", which i suppose means that GPU accelerates Physx even game is CPU Physx, but i am not sure about this, that is why i would like know more about this... so Nvidia now has Physx software which comes with drivers and i was thinking if that is working better with RTX or same as with GTX
  6. hello did any1 tested RTX cards in old MMORPG games, which are Physx CPU based? i heard that RTX has DDR6 and when you are streaming or recording with OBS NVENC, then it using VRAM instead of RAM as it was doing GTX cards and video quality is better. so my question is: is it possible that RTX does better Hardware acceleration in OLD MMO games or RTX only better in OBS and games with ray tracing?
  7. i heard that windowed Gsync has some issues, that is why i am asking if Fullscreen, which doesn't minimize, when switch windows is REAL FULLSCREEN or that is BORDERLESS WINDOWED, but in game settings it is called as Fullscreen
  8. hello any1 tested G-sync in Fullscreen windowed mode, its mode when game runs Fullscreen, but when you move mouse to another monitor it doesn't minimize so question: is that fullscreen is real fullscreen and if in that kind of fullscreen Gsync works or not? i have feeling that it doesn't work, but hard to find out, cos that game has 60FPS engine limit and looks like flickers a bit... in BF5 where it is real fullscreen i see Gsync works perfectly
  9. yes i checked for all updates, and looks like i have latest
  10. actually HWMonitor shows CPU temp, but under MB temp as TMPIN0
  11. hello today i received my Ryzen 3700x and before i swtiched my 2700x to 3700x i updated my Asus PRIME X470-PRO BIOS to 5007 version everything is working fine, but CPU temp isn't showing in HWMonitor and MSI Afterburner + RTSS, only GPU-Z, HWiNFO64 and EVGA Flow control show Temp is that because HWMonitor and MSI Afterburner + RTSS aren't updated and can't read CPU sensor?
  12. ok ty, will wait for august then
  13. i have EVGA GTX 1080 hybrid right now and i like it, but RTX 2080 isn't on EU EVGA website and i am thinking if it worth to wait for hybrid or just buy 3 fans FTW3