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  1. Hi, For a project (building furniture out of old cases) I would like to power an usb pcie card without a working pc. This way I can have a bench with a smart phone charger Would you guys know if this is possible and if so, how? Preferably without an (power consuming) power supply but possible to use one (have one of a Powermac G5 which seems to be working).
  2. Thanks for your reply! And does OpenWRT have a good VPN support, like AdvancedTomato? I'll look into that solution
  3. Hi, I have a Netgear R7000 (currently on Advancedtomato, but is't okay to switch firmware if needed and keeps good openVPN support) and want to do the following with it: When I open the Plex application on one of the cliënt devices (iPhone, TV, etc) they try to access Plex through my router (internally as wel as externally) When this happens, I want to have te router automatically wake it when it is asleep. Does anyone know a way to get this to work? Regards, Patrick
  4. Because it is too weak to run multiple transcodes.
  5. I am running Plex on a Mac which is now always on. I would like this to go asleep and Wol when Plex is opened.
  6. Hi, Is it possible to simulate/run DD WRT on my Synology NAS? I don't have a router which can run DD WRT and would like to run the Plex WOL setup (see link). Would be awesome if that would be possible from my NAS without buying an extra router. Thanks in advance! Patrick
  7. Haha would be great if I could cut a hole in the back to prevent heat build up, but since the back of my closet is the wall in the kitchen this doesn't seem like a good idea
  8. Sound like a good option to improve the cooling for a laptop. Since my Mac Pro weighs about 18 kg I don't think the fan table will like it when I put my Mac on top. Also, the main problem is not that it does not cool, but that the fans make a lot of noise. I was hoping there would be some 3rd party fans which make less noise that fit in the Mac Pro (or, in the ideal situation, liquid cooling). Thanks for the idea though!
  9. Perfect! Was hoping you were seriously trying to help ...
  10. Yeah, when Water cooling is not possible that would be my next Option. I don't know what to look for when searching for compatible fans. Was hoping anyone would know Some fans that would fit in the Mac Pro fan places.
  11. I couldn't find a Linus episode about that. Was hoping there was one since that's what I'd like to have! Do you have a link how to set that up?
  12. Hi, I was wondering if I could upgrade the air coolong of a 2009 Mac Pro (4.1/5.1). It gets very loud when working hard and I would love to have quitte fans since liquidatie cooling is not really an Option. Thanks! Patrick
  13. Thanks for your replies! Will there be ANY benefits of a better GPU when GPU transcoding is not supported by Plex?I've found a AMD Sapphire Radeon 6870 1GB for €55 which seems a real bargain.
  14. I thought they were supporting that.. my bad! When they do, will it Work with every GPU or only a few of them?
  15. Hi, I am looking to upgrade my 2009 Mac Pro with a better GPU. The purpose is to enhance the performance of PLEX Media Server for video transcoding. So first of all, what would be the benefits of a better GPU or does this all come down to the CPU? (I am about to update that to the Xeon X5680 6-core) Second, what GPU would be recommended and is fully supported by the Mac (and macOS)? Thanks! Patrick