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  1. ssd migration

    its worked I didn't select a setting when I did it the first time but it has now copied everything and kept the spare space as well thanks for the help guys
  2. ssd migration

    yes I have still got the original drive and I think I found a way to do It in the software I have I am trying it now so ill let you know if it did work
  3. ssd migration

    thanks ill give it a try
  4. ssd migration

    yes it is but if I extend the created volume to include the spare space it converts the disk to a dynamic disk which I then cant boot from
  5. ssd migration

    I just got a new 500gb SSD to replace my 120gb SSD that has my OS on how do I go about copying the data over I tried cloning it but that leaves a portion of the new drive unused so I don't know how else to do it thanks in advance
  6. What hdd should i get

    Hi I need to upgrade my 1tb hdd in my gaming pc and i was looking to get probably 4tb but im not sure what the best drive to get for my games would be Many thanks
  7. New mass storage solution

    Hi community I have run out of storage space in my pc i currently have a 1tb hdd and its full and so needs replacing i am mainly using it for games and game files but i do have some documents and pictures So my question is should i just get a bigger hdd or would it benefit me to get a large ssd for my games (i already have a 120gb ssd for my os and a few programs) Thanks in advance
  8. wireless neckband earphones

    Hi guys I'm looking for a pair of wireless neckband earphones with ANC preferably for around £40-£50 could anyone recommend a good pair. Thanks in advance
  9. move windows to ssd

    my backup is an empty file so probably not important but the other 2 do they need to be moved to my ssd also is this method so I can use the ssd for OS and hdd for storage I'm abit confused now how will this work and how do I go about doing it??
  10. move windows to ssd

    how will I find out if I have files I need elsewhere what should I look for??
  11. move windows to ssd

    So is that anything not in the user folder also will i have to reinstall drivers and stuff because my ethernet port isnt working currently
  12. move windows to ssd

    Ok ive got the ssd as my boot drive now had to reinstall windows to it ive plugged my hdd into sata 2 do i now need to restart my pc so it will show up because it isnt showing currently
  13. move windows to ssd

    msi z97 gaming 5
  14. move windows to ssd

    I think so don't know if it makes a difference but when I formatted the ssd it assigned it as e drive so will it change when I boot from it also I think the ssd is plugged into sata 3 on my motherboard will this make a difference
  15. move windows to ssd

    I set it as boot 1 is there something else I need to do it shows up on the my pc page