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  1. d00m1ord

    desktop ports

    I hope ive put this in the right place. I a looking for a module to sit in an 80mm desk passthrough to give me power,usb and data passthrough something like this but cheaper https://www.metalicon.com/products/power-and-data-modules/powerone-modules/1-power-1-data-and-1-usb-charge-socket-powerone-module/ any help appreciated
  2. d00m1ord

    General use pc

    So I’m looking at building a new pc for my dad he doesn’t do anything particularly heavy mainly just web browsing Microsoft office and sometimes some light photoshop use. He currently has. i5 4430 cpu 8 GB of ram Gigabyte H81N motherboard 1tb hdd Intergrated graphics does it need upgrading or does it just need an SSD?? any help is appreciated
  3. d00m1ord

    ultrawide gaming 2019

    so I am looking at picking up an aw3418dw ultrawide for my new desk setup but the only thing stopping me is im hearing that a lot of games don't support it is this still the case? and if it is would I be better off getting a 16:9 monitor instead? thanks in advance
  4. d00m1ord

    internet help

    I intend to run an ethernet cable up to my room to give my pc internet but I also need wifi for my other devices but I only really need wifi for my room and I was going to get a ubiquiti ap lite and a switch but I was wondering is ubiquiti really my best choice for home use ?
  5. d00m1ord

    internet help

    no I do not I typed that wrong sorry to crush your hopes
  6. d00m1ord

    internet help

    ok so I have virgin media internet and I am on the slowest package which Is about 100mb up 50 down. when I am near the hub I get great wifi but the hub is on the other side of the house in my bedroom I don't get wifi and I have to use poweline adapters which are very unreliable and keep dropping out so my questions are. 1) would a switch and an access point/router in my room fix this problem 2) if so what equipment should I get
  7. d00m1ord

    Access point

    Any model recommendations on access point?
  8. d00m1ord

    Access point

    I need to upgrade my wifi in my bedroom from powerline adapters that keep cutting out. I was thinking of getting a ubiquiti ap lite and a tp link gigabit switch and then running an ethernet cable round the outside of my house down to my router on the other side of the house. So my question is this is this a good idea and is this the right equipment to buy to achieve this also what ethernet cable should i get to go from router to switch it would be about 60m
  9. I am thinking of upgrading my gaming rig from a 4790k to an 8700k is it worth it? I am soon getting a 3440x1440 ultrawide as well which was why I was thinking of upgrading. Current specs- 4790k msi z97 gaming 5 gigabyte 1080ti corsair 750 psu corsair AIO also if I do upgrade what speed of ram should I go for? thanks in advance
  10. ok so I looked at the z390 gigabyte aorus boards and from what I can tell they are all pretty much the same except for the Xtreme one any recommendations on which one to get and why?
  11. what is the difference between z370 and z390 boards? do they both support the 8700k?
  12. is there a different gigabyte board you would recommend?
  13. hi guys I am stuck between a couple of different motherboards for my new build and they are- * gigabyte z370 ultra gaming 2.0 - https://www.gigabyte.com/Motherboard/Z370-AORUS-ULTRA-GAMING-20-rev-10#kf * msi z370 godlike gaming - https://www.msi.com/Motherboard/Z370-GODLIKE-GAMING/Overview I was looking at some of the asus ones with RGB but couldn't narrow it down but im open to suggestions thanks in advance
  14. d00m1ord

    should i get this motherboard

    ok thanks for the help