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    How fast is the LTT member's internet connection?

    Still waiting on a faster (non corp) connection in my region.
  2. Are you excited to see what laptops will come out with Intel chipsets and AMD graphics ? No I don't. The thickness of a device is something I do not care about, I care about performance. So what do you think of a gaming laptop with 20 plus hours battery life ? I do not need 20hrs. There is power outlets everywhere and I always have an extension cord in my laptop bag. Or a laptop that's powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 with LTE connection ? Snapdragons on a laptop are shit.. Or you prefer ARM-powered laptops instead ? No this is what tablets are for. No need for 4g or 5g on laptops. we have wifi all over the country in Belgium. No need for super thin laptops.. If you need one like those buy a Macbook. No need for big battery only thing that a big battery gives is lower performance.
  3. Wow. At first I thought the drone was only used for locating the victims. I thought they would still have to swim or float to them, still losing allot of precious time. But seeing it deploy the raft for the surfer to grab on is actually a great idea. Good to see a test turn into a great success and looks like this concept hes proven what it is worth. ~Joery

    how often do you clean your PC from dust ?

    Most of my builds don't even have the side panels on. I only ever clean them out when I do a hardware swap.

    How to actually upgrade storage?

    Ok i'll try the macruim thing first. gonna be bout a day till the drive gets here. I'll update on if it works or not when it gets here. Update: YAY Drive got delivered. Somehow my system would not recognize both the new and the old drive after plugin them in. Rebooting a few times + reconnecting drive cables seems to fix that. Now waiting on the slow process of cloning a 1tb disk with macruim. =D
  6. So. Normally if I need a bigger drive I would just replace the old one with a bigger one and reinstall everything. But this drive has to much on it. Its a 1tb HDD that is completly full and I want to replace it with this 4tb one wich is in the mail. Its not my boot drive just a secondary one. After I get it what do I do best? The plan is to have everything from the old drive be put on the new drive and use the old drive for other build. But Do I just copy everything from the old drive indo the root folder of the new drive and will that be it? or do I need to do something special to make window think its that drive? (Drive contains steam librari is why is ask)

    Clone screen on multiple displays?

    Dous not working when using more then 2 displays as far as I know? I'm sure I been trying this. EDIT: wow im stupid.. i'm sure i been triyng this and idk why it didnd work before but now it dous thanks!
  8. Hello. Just a question. Is it possible to only duplicate 2 out of 3 screens? The point of this would be, I have a 2 monitor setup upstairs. whenever a friend comes over I add a third screen (big TV with long HDMI cable) to the pc so they can see some netflix. Its good for whoever comes over but not for me, cuz the third screen is behind me and I can only listen and not watch. Is it possible to have 3 screens hooked up, have the first one be my main display and have the second one be an extended display, and then whenever i connect the third one it would act as a clone for the extended display? This makes it possible for me to way my stuff without having to turn my back and have friends still see the shit on me second screen? I know its not possible in windows setup but maybe there is a different solution Edit: the TV is 4K so the resolution from the Tv and the second display shud be able to match as the display is only 1440p

    Quick disconnects for headphones?

    O i never thought about that, but that might actually help. thanks Still hoping on someone to find magnetic ones tho
  10. I_AM_JOERY

    Quick disconnects for headphones?

    Ah that is why google didn't work Thanks ill check it out ~Joery
  11. I_AM_JOERY

    Quick disconnects for headphones?

    What is apptX?
  12. I_AM_JOERY

    Quick disconnects for headphones?

    Yeah if I don't find something like this by Monday I will have to order wireless headphones. Still hoping I don't need to go wireless. To bad tho, I really liked the comfort of my SH CX300's I'm a bit afraid that wireless wont be as practical as I sometimes have really long gaming sessions and I don't wanna be bothered with charging mid-session
  13. I_AM_JOERY

    Quick disconnects for headphones?

    Ahh thanks for the quick reply Been looking around on the web also but with no success yet
  14. I_AM_JOERY

    Quick disconnects for headphones?

    Hey! I have a problem... My headphones keep on breaking because i stand up to fast or walk away from the computer and forget to unplug them. Sometimes I almost ripped my case out of the desk. So I was thinking is there a solution for this? I was thinking about something like apples magnetic charging but then for audio jacks. Is there something like this? and would it disconnect before ripping cable in half or damaging the connector from the headphones itself? Thanks in advance ~Joery
  15. Streaming only here. Used to pirate movies bout that was before i got a job now i just use Netflix or rent movies from my isp wich is also my tv and phone providor