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  1. That's a good idea too, but im using my 4- 3.0 ports for drives and stuff and i only have 1- 2.0 port inside, would not give enough power, right?
  2. Im having fun actually HAHA, i did some soldering in the past, i know a bit. Thank you for warning me of the guarantee, also the period has already passed. And power strips are expensive here, ( I have money to buy it, but I do not think it's necessary.)
  3. I would but is too expensive, i live in Argentina, inflation here is a problem and sellers take advantage of it. Ultra cheap china power strip with bad plastics and cables cost $800 ARS and it should be $200.
  4. Great, first I wanted to ask why I did not want to ruin anything. I have some molex cables from graphics cards adapters, i will use that. Thanks so much ^^
  5. Oh i won't be using my 220v adapter, i will use the 5V line directly from the PSU. Switch directly to PC PSU 5V and Ground cables ===================================== See image = 5V 0.6A output
  6. 1. Thanks 2. Why? 3. My router lan ports are full and I do not have more 220v outlets nearby for my switch and I do not want to spend money on that. Plus, fewer objects on my desk or nearby.
  7. Hi ! Someone knows if i can connect a tp-link switch directly to my psu? I took some pictures so they can see the voltages from my switch and pc psu. TP-Link PSU output: 5V 0.6A Thanks