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  1. Building my new tower

    Thanks a lot guys for all your replies in helping me out in this..i was still thinking to go for gtx 1050 seems to be a good one for me.Any diff between 1050 and 1050ti and 2gb is enough for this PSU? And which is the better one EVGA,Zotac ?Due to budget i have to go for this build maybe ill upgrade later,Now if you guys can help me in changing any of the components and make this is as a value for money that would be really helpful for me. Thanks and regards
  2. Processor-Intel i3 7th gen 7100 Motherboard-Gigabyte-GA-H110M-S2 socket LGA1151 Graphics card-Asus ROG STRIX radeon RX460 4GB OC edition RAM-HyperX Fury black 8GB 2133Mhz Cl14 DIMM DDR4 Power- Corsair VS Series VS450 watt SMPS HDD- Western digital blue 1TB drive Planning for a budget PC and here is my config,can i change the gpu? Is that okay? Can i go for this?