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  1. Not that restricted with the budget, really don't want to upgrade 1 year down the line with a slight increment so i would probably go for the R5 1600 unless something cheaper and better comes along at 7th July, which i doubt since every new product comes with the early adopter tax.
  2. Yup, i checked online and the R5 1600 will cost approx. $155 US. how does that compare to Canada or the US ?
  3. not really, no, India probably doesn't even have microcenters.
  4. Thanks for all the great replies, i would probably wait till the 7th of July for the new releases now, and i checked out the Ryzen 5 1600, seems a much better value, lets see the new releases and make a decision.
  5. Hi Everyone, i am looking to buy a very budget CPU mainly for gaming and light productivity tasks, i have come down to 2 processors as above, the I3 9100F (4C/4T) and the Ryzen 5 1400(4C/8T), my initial research shows that the I3 9100F is more powerful and has better performance than the Ryzen 5, the only thing i am not sure is if i should prefer Ryzen 5 just for the multi-threading ? I would also like to mention i would be doing some emulation (CEMU, RPCS3, Citra, etc.)
  6. Thanks guys, the radeon situation is such that i am getting the rx 570 4gb for the same price as a gtx 1060 6gb so i should go for the gtx 1060 6 gb in your opinion ?
  7. should i go for the gtx 1060 3/6gb or the RX 470 4gb i just want to game at 1080p at high settings (ultra if possible) for at least the next 2 years and am on a tight budget here, which one can i go for ??
  8. Hey, thanks for the video, has a lot of great info here, so to summarize as Nvidia is the bigger beast here it can more or less make most game devs do anything, and given my weak CPU, the always on Multi threaded workload of would be better, so the green team is a better choice ??
  9. Well, now it clears up a lot for me, I will check out the refresh of the rx 480 coming out soon, if it can outperform a gtx 1060 by a respectable margin I would go for it, otherwise gtx 1060 6gb it is.
  10. Also, now I'm pretty convinced about the options being the gtx 1060 and Rx 480, so can someone give me an answer on what can be better, I've always Stuck with Nvidia till now, can someone help me settle this ??
  11. Mostly regular triple a titles, some CS GO, I would like to get about 60 fps on max settings at 1080p or the same with slightly reduced settings in the near future, 2-3 years perhaps.
  12. For that budget if a Rx 480 or 1060 will be an overkill for 1080p I would gladly take them.....