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  1. If this is DVI-A to VGA (http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/b/ba/Adapter_DVI_to_VGA.jpg) then I have one, i tried it and it didn`t work :( :(
  2. Hmmm, never heard of this DVI-A to VGA, I`ll have to do some research
  3. Thanks so much for the response. The connector is definitely the second one - DVI-I (dual link) - that is also what is says in the specifications. HOWEVER when I looked at the IO of the card I saw "DVI-D" in the metal next to the port. Is that possible - to advertise something as DVI-I dual link when in fact it is a DVI-D dual link?? After all - it looks exactly as the DVI-I dual link...
  4. I just bought an HD5450 (passively cooled, i don`t do gaming, just musical stuff) and wanted to hook up my two vga monitors to it. The D-SUB connection is working fine, but the DVI-I would not detect the second VGA monitor using an adapter. I tried switched monitors and both are working fine when connected to the D-SUB. (This is the card http://www.powercolor.com/Global/products_features.asp?id=375 ) In the past I used the D-sub from my old GPU and the D-sub from my onboard Intel HD4000 graphics GPU, but i had a strange problem - when moving a picture from one display to the other, the window freezes for a second when it exits one screen, then when it is in both screens it is moving fine and again, when it exits the first screen completely and moves to the second, it freezes again for a moment, which is way too irritating (which is why I bought this hd5450 = passively cooled and has D-sub + DVI-I which should be able to be converted to VGA with an adapter). However, the DVI-I output with the VGA adapter is not detecting the monitor... I ended up hooking the second monitor to the intel onboard hd graphics and the same freezing issue appears again which kind of defeats the whole purpose of getting the new card, which is just freaking me out!!! I tried searching the web, but I guess no one is using dual vga monitors anymore and nobody`s reporting the same issue. This is the best forum ever and you`re my last hope guys, any comments would be greatly appreciated!!!
  5. Okay, so far so good, you guys are extremely helpful! Just tell me this - can you crossfire more than 2x 7750s ? Because if you can, then in theory you could build a completely silent gaming machine with no moving parts whatsoever (with like 3x passively cooled 7750s)
  6. So you can match different GPUs in crossfire if i`m reading this chart correctly. For instance a 7970 for the primary gpu and a 7950 for the secondary? Or a 7750 with a 7770 ?
  7. Ok, take this HD7750 for instance : http://www.powercolor.com/Global/products_features.asp?id=413#Specification Why does it say that it supports CrossfireX when in fact it doesn`t?
  8. I`m looking into passively cooled GPUs for a completely silent build. I got the cheapest hd5450, which to my surprise has "crossfireX" supported as per the specifications, but has no crossfire plug on it. Not that i`m doing a crossfire config with two cards like that, but i wondered - can you do crossfire with 2 gpus just with software? The most powerfull passively cooled GPU that I found was the sapphire hd 7750 ultimate - If it is possible to crossfire two of these, than you can get almost a gaming grade setup which is entirely passively cooled. Any thoughts on that?
  9. I thought I could get away with something like a 7790 or 7850, or something inbetween - apparently not :D
  10. Don`t forget that I`m not going for high fps, i just need it to be playable, around 30 to 40 (which I think should be ok)
  11. Damn, I thought i could get away with a cheaper card
  12. What class GPU would you say will be sufficient to run AAA titles maxed out at 1080p with playable 30-40fps average? I understand that the top of the line cards would be overkill if you are not running higher resolutions or multiple monitors (or 3d). Thanks in advance for any thoughts on that :)
  13. OpenOffice, Firefox, you name it. Doesn`t matter where i`m typing. However, both the OS and all the applications are on a SSD - even if it`s saving at the moment - it should be unnoticable...
  14. I`m running a 3570k with 16gb of Kingston 1600hz ram on a P8-Z77- asus motherboard,, winndows 7. Every now and then, while i`m typing something, or doing something quite regular, the text editor i`m using would stop, kind of freeze for a couple of seconds, during which time i`m still typing(but nothing is showing up). When the freeze ends, the text editor would type in all the keystrokes i did while in the freeze. I used to get that iin the past with other pc`s, but never really figured out. The task manager doesn`t show any odd cpu activity. I do, however, have a really old sata 2 hardrive which is still working, but is making some odd noises and sometimes shuts down. I use it only for storage and rarely access it. Is it possible that it somehow affects the rest of the pc`s performace to the point where it freezes for seconds? If anybody can help with any thoughts at all I would appreciate it sooooo much. Cheers! :)