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  1. Well one with a mic input costs out of my budget range, I’ll look to see what my local Best Buy has in stock
  2. What’s your specs, cause that’s an older Intel mobo
  3. I’m looking to buy a camera under $200 CAD, what I need it to do is, shoot 1080p video, take decent pictures, would like to see if I could get a DSLR but doesn’t have to be one, easy to carry around. So what camera would make sense, my mom also has Canon so if I get a dslr from them I don’t need lenses.
  4. I try to do that, but my external HDD just stops to 0 bytes per second and the folder is 153gb
  5. Im trying to re-download my steam games from my back up and theyre wanting to download completely, IM just wanting to get my games without having to redownload them, cause that'll be 3+ days waiting
  6. The laptop parts are from 2012 so I dont want to waste tons of money on it
  7. I dont wanna spend too much on the project though
  8. Yeah I thought of that but it doesnt have VGA or HDMI
  9. Im looking to do a DIY project for a portable PC, I got a cheap laptop that has a 65w wall adapter, so I was wondering what display I can use that are relatively small and have both VGA and HDMI (HDMI is for consoles so I can switch between playing games and having a desktop), I do have a 300gb HDD but I need to get a new logic board for it but Im not sure how much the logic board's gonna cost me cause I'd like to do this on a $150 CAD budget, the HDD's pcb model number is JUE234N82434, or thats what I can see because they're is a scratch preventing me to see what is there, the HDD model number is HD321HJ made by Samsung. So what can I do to make this project possible?
  10. The higher the settings the lower FPS, but higher eye candy, what most pro's do in CS they lower the settings all the way, or thats what Ive learned
  11. During CSGO what is the CPU and GPU usage at?
  12. What are the settings? Cause they matter the most part
  13. Nearly 400gb, my external is 300gb, with some installers on it for new OS'
  14. My external HDD isnt big enough or does it use all of the space the games take up
  15. Ok, can I do that over LAN to my desktop?