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  1. Plasmaburndeath

    M.2 SSD 480GB for 60 Bucks! 120Gb-$30 240Gb $35 M.D.

    TH3R34P3R, Captain Chaos, how is this 'Slid'? Massdrop when viewed through facebook view and email view; this is way copied links work. Please Don't... accuse me of hiding or doing something sneaky. Sneaky or slipping something in would be using a Ulr masking link like Tinyurl in my post. Which I see plenty of users using. You see what it gives when I click 'copy url' link. They use this to track who liked a deal enough to share with the world. I found out about massdrop through Linus tech tips; when they were sponsored by them. If you already have massdrop login The ref code does nothing (other then track link) . If you Don't have M.D. account, or are not already a member, and you sign up, you get additional 10 dollars off your first purchase since you clicked a link shared by another existing member. "Give $10, Get $10 Introduce a friend to Massdrop. They'll get $10 when they sign up, and you'll get $10 credit once they complete their first drop. Only for new Massdrop members." Nothing about this is secret or hidden, as if you don't have a Massdrop account and sign up as soon as you click on one of the links, It will tell you the name of the person who put the link, and says '___________ gave you $10 to spend on your first purchase on Massdrop!' I get a email if someone signs up to Massdrop and I would only get credit if someone actually buys something. If I actually do get credit it will be going to one of the science toys for my Autistic son, or possibly a replacement monitor. If these links are against terms of service, please note people won't be sharing stuff from places like massdrop as this is way the link works. When I'm posting something cool that is limited time I don't have time to edit url a companies link gives. If you see a ref link and you don't wish to partake of discount or giving linker credit you may remove the code from link when you copy it to your browser. I'm sure the forum could also auto blank or warn users if this is a problem. Again, peace, i'm only here to try to share geeky finds, knowledge, maybe a friend or two and delay the heat death of the universe for a few more seconds at a time. Not to create flame wars or make anyone upset
  2. Crazy good prices for a m.2 SSD - not sure I have heard of manufacture though - but looks like a great budget deal. What do you guys think? https://www.massdrop.com/buy/super-talent-m-2-2280-sata-dx3-3d-tlc-ssd-drives?utm_source=linkshare&referer=7DXT6A Form factor: M.2 Interface: SATA DX3 NAND flash: TLC Performance (access time): 0.2 ms MLC read/write speeds: 480/400 MB/s DRAM cache: 1GB–4GB Power supply: 3.3V +/-5% Humidity: 5–98% Operating shock: 1500G Operating vibration: 16G Dimension: 5.5 x 20.3 x 0.7 in (2.2 x 8 x 0.3 cm)
  3. Plasmaburndeath

    Does © Claim: monetize just seconds or whole video?

    This is Crazy! Again just my opinion: but... This would be like saying, if Robert Kearns fight against Ford, Chrysler and General Motors (and others); resulted in him suddenly getting 100% of the whole Revenue from the cars; that they sold using his Intermittent windshield wiper invention. (Without licensing It) instead of just his proportional $10.2 million win he actually got from Ford, the $30 million he got from Chrysler. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_Kearns https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flash_of_Genius_(film) => If possible I'm willing to bet Floatplane would attract tons of creators if they had a legal way to just put in a proportional honest, split of revenue from claimed copyright portions of videos. I think this would also reduce stress and aid creators of content to streamline making videos. Just an idea. P.S. I know technically the Wiper case is 'Patent' vs 'Copyright'... however they are both 'IP' - "The difference between copyrights and patents is the type of property they protect. Copyrights and patents are legal designations granted to intellectual property holders, designed to protect such property from being copied, sold or used in any way without owner authorization. Intellectual property can include inventions, certain types of discoveries, written or recorded work, paintings, drawings, plans, designs and other original creations and ideas." Ref. https://smallbusiness.chron.com/difference-between-copyrights-patents-3220.html
  4. Hi Everyone, I just have a quick question about the Youtube copyright © claim system Adsense, that might shine light on how severe this system is. I have seen on Linus, and other videos recently about how the system flags one of your videos; that the system will show the claimed seconds or minutes of affected video in question. It then gives option to ('remove music' ,or challenge\appeal, and of course you can ignore it if you want) I know that if no one challenges this claim, then the 'Adsense' goes to whomever made the claim. But I can't find details on the affect. What I would like to know is => does this mean the 'WHOLE' /; Or just the affected {Claimed} seconds or minutes of a video's Adsense go to the claimant? So for Example: if someone has a 30 minute video, and mistakenly plays 15 seconds of copyrighted music, And someone else *or the algorithm* does a copyright claim, and the person who made the 30 minute video does not remove or challenge the claim.., Does that mean the 15 second claimant gets paid for their {A} Fractional amount of Adsense(15 seconds) Or {B} does Claimant somehow get paid for not only the 15 seconds claimed but the WHOLE video including in this example the rest of the videos 29 minutes 45 seconds Technically NOT their work at that point? If the answer is {A} Then at least the system is fair on letting you pay someone for their work without you losing all your work if you want to keep your video 'True' to how it was made or your vision. But If answer is {B} Then in a way this would seem to me at least, to be very backwards logic. Suddenly someone can claim a small portion of work was used in something bigger; and get non-propositional rewards, of technically someone else's possibly greater 'Copyright' work if someone does not challenge the claim or remove it from the video once flagged. Huge thanks for your work. - All hail the algorithm
  5. Plasmaburndeath

    1440p 144z 24inch or 27inch???

    You might be interested in this, MSI 24"/27" 1080P or 1440P 144Hz 1MS monitors Massdrop having pretty good sale at the moment. Ranging from $200 dollars for basic 24" 1080P to $424.99 for 27" 1440P RGB lighting option. https://www.massdrop.com/buy/msi-24-27-144hz-1ms-gaming-monitors?utm_source=linkshare&referer=7DXT6A I lean towards the 1440P myself, but depends on your budget and video card.
  6. Might be promising 4K action camera for sale $50 instead of the normal $200 Maybe Linus could do a video review of this product to see if it is worth it. :) What do you guys think? i'm sure this would need to be babied, with mounting on tripod and keeping lighting consistent; just like the first gen 1080P cheaper consumer cameras were back in the day. https://www.massdrop.com/buy/aee-lyfe-shadow-4k-action-camera?utm_source=linkshare&referer=7DXT6A
  7. I think we all need to see this, amazing that we have access to this for free now. Quantum computer 5(now 16) Qubits from IBM https://quantumexperience.ng.bluemix.net/qx/editor Learn, run simulator, and then you can request access to real thing to run an experiment. Now I must start my coding for world domination! :-D OMG so exciting.