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  • CPU
    AMD Ryzen 5 2600
  • Motherboard
  • RAM
    32GB 2800Mhz
  • GPU
    Nvidia RTX2060
  • Case
  • Storage
    M.2 MVME RAID0
  • PSU
    550 80+ gold
  • Display(s)
    2560x1440 144hz
  • Cooling
    raith max
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • Sound
    stereo speakers
  • Operating System
    Windows 10

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  1. Linksys120n

    Raid0 am I in for a rough ride? or no?

    oh sorry I'm a week late... been busy tweaking windows, I opted to start fresh instead of cloning... anyway I found out that yeah raid0 mvme is totally a thing... that I didn't bother to try... because it exists and has been benchmarked and well it turns out there is something known as a software bottleneck and you can hit that bottleneck super quick... ever tried loading loading a vm of windows xp from an nvme drive? I did! it's not any faster or slower regardless of if loaded from a sata3 usb3 type A limited sata3 an mvme drive or hell I tossed in a RAM drive for fun... now keep in mind I aint gonna try bare metal booting that shit but from virtualbox I saw negligible results.... and while the change from sata3 to mvme sped up boots and updates of windows 10.... I wasn't blown away... I barely felt a breeze. anyway I'm happy I went with C and D drives... now I got a place to stash a bit of internet outage por...... [btw the winxp example was because it was a super easy example.... it's like saying candy taste bad by testing with a moldy snickers]
  2. Linksys120n

    Raid0 am I in for a rough ride? or no?

    Doing further reading... apparently someone else on toms hardware had this same question.... instead of raid it would be MUCH faster to have separate C and D drives.
  3. Linksys120n

    Raid0 am I in for a rough ride? or no?

    Shit... I didn't do the math... thats 2400MB combined huh.... fuck. I was hoping combined would have SOME advantage.... what about in smaller random read/writes? latency? will all that just equal the speed of a single drive?
  4. I need detailed help on an upgrade from a single sata3 M.2 ssd to dual MVME M.2 in RAID0 here is my motherboard http://asrock.com/MB/AMD/X470%20Master%20SLIac/index.asp I understand that because one of the slots is PCIE GEN2 X2 that the RAID will default to that speed for BOTH drives... this will mean 10Gb/s EACH before removing a bit for overhead... What I need to know is: am I missing anything? am I doing a dumb? Am I in for a rough ride or smooth sailing? Yes I have used RAID0 before, yes I know the risks I use cloud+offline storage for important bits. This is for the OS and games. I have never used MVME before, ever. I already ordered the MVME drives, they are in the mail. 2x of this: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07L6DKM8V/ thanks for any info you can give.
  5. So I've had an absolute hell of the last 6 months... was totally 100% homeless living on the street eating at soup kitchens... A Christmas miracle got me my old income back, a place to live, furniture, and food... now all I need is to rebuild a new pc.... I wound up selling everything I had except a cheap KB, Mouse and a few HDDs so I will need a monitor as well as a tower... I also Plan on using these HDDs so I want an SSD for boot drive. I am planning on starting with an APU/IGPU to start then buying a dedicated GPU in March... In Feb. I will have about 750 USD saved up for a PC + Monitor... I was hoping you guys could help me build it? I have ZERO brand Loyalty so Intel or AMD doesn't matter as long as it has an APU/IGPU... and please include an SSD boot drive. Thanks guys. Ps... only got 400 for ryzen build at pawn... slept in a hotel for a week, it was nice.
  6. So being that my finances are going deeper and deeper into debt and certainly not in a place to buy a UPS... would a piece of plastic/cardboard between my pc and the carpet help reduce the static?
  7. the US uses 110 VOLTS at 15+ AMPS per breaker... (some are 20 some are 30 some are double 15s, 20s or 30s)... Note you need both Volts AND Amps to complete a circuit, if one is too low you will have a bad time.
  8. the pc is using a 3 prong plug in a 3 prong socket but how well grounded the actual socket in the wall is, well that's unknown. also the hotel uses a big fluffy carpet that I could sleep directly on if there wasn't a bed... and the pc sits right on it... only thing I could use to change that is... well there's lots of cardboard by the dumpster...
  9. I'm in a hotel for the next 20ish days... and the hotel power plug is not the most ideal place to plug in a powerful gaming rig... can this hurt my pc long term? things happening are: static/snow in my display buzzing/static in usb headphones (via a fulla schiit) random slow downs it only happened once or twice but jumpy mouse. I know it's not my pc because when the hotel is empty and there are less people to drain on the power, every one of those symptoms stop. what I wanna know is, when I move, will this stop for good. assuming that I move where the power is less dodgy.
  10. They will probably call it the Core X or something but pronounce it core 10 instead of saying x even though it's spelled with an x and not a 10 because apple/micro$oft/$am$ung did it first. not opinion but rather an assumption btw.
  11. Linksys120n

    dumb noob question

    short answer, yes. But it's messy.
  12. Linksys120n

    just watched jays video about making a computer faster.

    So I record videos of gameplay but I'm a pleb who uploads them raw.
  13. Honest question... on a decently fast PC will I actually see any difference going from an SATA3 to MVME SSD? I am already using the M.2 form factor btw. I know you see a huge boost going from Mech to SSD but I also know it's almost the same difference in speed going from SATA3 to MVME... Will I see that in the real world?
  14. Linksys120n

    Someone tell me why this wouldn't work?

    Okay yeah your reasons make sense... I wasn't entirely drunk when I came up with the idea but I wasn't bone dry sober either....
  15. A VPN that uses a "Network RAID0" to split your single IP address into several so that you split your single request to a website into say for example 3 (with 2 of them blocking all media and only loading text, then the faster 3rd loading only media) then mixing that data back down to your single IP again... Sure the website gets hit with triple requests but 2 of those as already stated would only request text and block all media... Perhaps the 2 text ones could request different information like one can grab only the links linked to by the page or something... if you then implement a way that say randomly chooses 3 random IP addresses out of a pool of 100+ it would be almost entirely untraceable...