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  1. 15€/month VDSL (includind the phone line) in Romania
  2. I personally use Kaspersky on two of my computers. I kind of went by Red Alert's "soviet power supreme". One just need to be comfortable with it taking over control of the computer :D Although it tends to get hoggier with each new version... For anyone who asks me, I tell them to install the free versions of either AVG or Avira. PS: This post would have been better as a poll.
  3. A 12 seconds load time (what I get from eastern Europe) could be acceptable for a "beta" version of the forum, but not for the "final" forum :) Hopefully this will be solved when they move the website to professional hosting.
  4. Zed

    GPU Coil Whine

    I always keep V-Sync turned on in games. After all, an LCD screen can't output more frames than its "refresh rate". This prevents screen tearing and keeps the video card usage to a "needed" level, instead of "all-it-can". Of course my reasoning only applies to LCD screens and games :)