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  1. sprices

    Creed origins extreme lag/stuttering

    sorry i didn't use quote last time; check my last comment if you see this
  2. sprices

    Creed origins extreme lag/stuttering

    if i lower the resolution to 720p, the vram usage drops to >800mb(from 900+mb) but gpu usage also drops along with it so it still won't go above 10-15 fps
  3. I've been having a really weird problem with creed origins. Whenever i play the game, the cpu and gpu usage never cross 40% and the game doesn't run faster than 15 fps. I tried all the obvious stuff like running as admin, updating drivers, etc. I even tried obscure stuff like disabling vt-d and HPET in bios. Nothing seems to work. I have an i7-2600, gtx 650 ti(1gb) and 8gb ram(i know it's below minimum requirements but far cry 5 which has higher system requirements runs just fine) Could anybody help?