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  1. ScreamSlasher5X

    Struggling to pick a mouse. Would appreciate some help.

    @Hiya! I'd been considering the G502. Looks all round good for what I want, the only issue is durablity. I've heard that the scroll wheel is prone to breaking as is the left mouse button. Know anything of this?
  2. How the hell does anyone figure out what mouse to buy. My hand is about eight inches in length so a mouse too small would either be uncomfortable because I'd have to claw, I prefer palm or useless. I know to chose optical. I'd like a couple buttons but that's about it and wired. Some mice I've seen are like five years old. Feel like slamming my head on the desk. Have a budget of about £100. Prefer to buy locally so a UK website, US only websites that don't sell internationally means I won't be able to consider them. Thank you.
  3. ScreamSlasher5X

    [SOLVED] Cannot change taskbar colour?

    UPDATE: Someone in Discord. Apparently it's a bug in 1903. All I need to do was go to Themes in the settings and click on the windows image. I then went back and chose/custom created a colour and scrolled down and the option was there. FYI, I'd been asking in the Discord for ages and decided to come here.
  4. ScreamSlasher5X

    [SOLVED] Cannot change taskbar colour?

    Not that I know of, in settings, backgrounds, scroll down, high contrast settings, "Turn on high constrast" it's listed as "off".
  5. ScreamSlasher5X

    [SOLVED] Cannot change taskbar colour?

    I checked. It isn't selected.
  6. ScreamSlasher5X

    [SOLVED] Cannot change taskbar colour?

    Yes, my account is activated through my Microsoft account apparently. I'm able to change my background which Windows has to be activated as far as I know?
  7. ScreamSlasher5X

    [SOLVED] Cannot change taskbar colour?

    Can anyone tell me why this is greyed out please? I cannot read the time on my PC because the colours are too similar and I'm struggling to read the text.
  8. ScreamSlasher5X

    [SOLVED] Need help with a couple W10 things.

  9. ScreamSlasher5X

    [SOLVED] Need help with a couple W10 things.

    @Mira Yurizaki It was scaling my browser as well though? It says it scales apps. That would affect my games, no?
  10. ScreamSlasher5X

    [SOLVED] Need help with a couple W10 things.

    @SupaKomputa @Mira Yurizaki Number one and two I've tried. I guess I cannot scale the UI icons only? When scaling it scales the whole screen so to speak which wouldn't* be great for gaming. As for the date in the file I tried that and it didn't remove it regardless of what I chose. For the postponing I have home so guess I'll have to delay every seven days if I want to do it for whatever reason. Cheers.
  11. ScreamSlasher5X

    [SOLVED] Need help with a couple W10 things.

    I downloaded W10 for the first time and I was hoping someone could help answer a few questions. 1) Can I make the task bar icons larger? I'm struggling to see them. If so, how? 2) How do I prolong Windows updates? I'd like to stick it on the max of 30 days. 3) Can I change how the files system works? See picture. I don't like the format of days and I'd like to remove it all together if possible.
  12. ScreamSlasher5X

    File downloading as WinRAR instead of .Jar

    Embarrassingly I didn't have Java. I never thought to check because I was sure I had installed it. It also never crossed my mind to check, foolishly. I think fingers cross it will work. I downloaded Java and downloaded the files again. It was still the same but I remembered someone telling me to check associated files. This time .jar was there, because I'd obviously downloaded Java THIS TIME. I had to change it and downloaded it again. This time it is a .jar file. You saying did I have Java triggered my brain to check and well you now know as do I. Thank you, both of you. @Radium_Angel @fargonaz
  13. I hope this is the right place, I checked the others but I felt it belongs here. Sorry if it isn't. In short I'm trying to open a private server on Minecraft of all games. I've downloaded the correct file and opened it. On of the files is suppose to be a .jar but it keeps downloading as a WinRAR for some reason. I need it to be a .jar because I am suppose to run it. I have downloaded this file onto a different computer and it downloaded as a .jar just fine on there. I don't understand why it's doing this to me. I'd be very grateful for the help.
  14. ScreamSlasher5X

    I was banned from the LTT Discord?

    The only way I know how to DM is by click on the persons username and then there is this small text box where it direct messages them when you send the message you've typed out. As I am banned from the server I cannot do that method. Other than that I have never DM someone other than the method I just said. I've had people message me but I cannot find the option.
  15. ScreamSlasher5X

    I was banned from the LTT Discord?

    OK, I'll trying and find out which ones of them are. Thank you.