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  1. Hardline Questions

    Only if it physically restricts your bends
  2. Windows 10 won't activate following motherboard swap

    Guess I am calling MS then. Thanks, everyone
  3. Windows 10 won't activate following motherboard swap

    My licenses are retail, not OEM. The issue here is something within windows itself, not with the keys I tried that, and it still failed upon activation. I have the creators update as well.
  4. Windows 10 won't activate following motherboard swap

    Yes, I am on that machine at this very moment
  5. Hi, So, my motherboard failed and I had to swap it out. Upon returning to windows, I get the dreaded "Activate windows" on the bottom right corner of my screen. Things I have tried so far: Using the troubleshooter's "I recently changed hardware on this device option" Removing my previous machine from my Microsoft account Removing and inserting my key via the command line Trying another, unused retail W10 Pro key, and it still won't activate. As of right now, this is what I see. , Thoughts?
  6. Yes, I am currently in manual voltage mode. I can't shut LLC off completely in this board, I am limited to a minimum of 25% for some reason.
  7. So the experiment didn't work. Regardless of anything, the CPU still overvolts. The only current "fix" is to simply set the target voltage to a lower value to compensate for that offset
  8. I just updated it, and tried with the secondary, un-updated bios again just as a sanity check. I will try clearing cmos and OCing again, I'll get back with some info soon. Thanks so far
  9. Nope, still overvolting, even if VID supp is disabled
  10. LLC doesn't seem to be influencing this, oddly. Whether it's 25 or 75%, the same effect persists.
  11. Hi I just changed motherboard, to an MSI X99A Carbon, and I am redoing the OC I had on my old board on my 6800K. For starters, I have set my Override voltage to 1,29v with a multiplier of 41x. At idle, the VID is 1,29v and the vcore is at its usual lower state, but as soon as I run prime, the voltage shoots past 1,29v and both VID and Vcore go up to 1,35v. What is determining this behavior, and how can I cap it to the override value in all circumstances? Thanks
  12. Hello So, my board randomly stopped POSTing for no apparent reason. It has had some quirks in the past, including similar post issues, but now it appears to be far more serious. Usually, the red CPU LED comes on and it just stays there forever. I’ve seen it turn off after a while sometimes, others the LED won’t come on but it won’t post anyway. And sometimes, very rarely, it will post normally. I highly suspect a mobo issue. I’ve tried pretty much everything short of a different cpu, which I don’t have on hand. Multiple CMOS clears, all combinations of ram sticks, no drives, different power supply and breadboarding have all been done. The bios was updated to the latest version a while back and it’s running a 6800K. Any thoughts? Thanks
  13. Bios update seems to have fixed it. Still can't believe I overlooked that! Thank you
  14. Hello, My PC has been having this strange behaviour for a while now. My system very often boots with half the RAM, and sometimes less, but booting with 16GB is the most common occurence, and only upon rebooting one or two times will the full 32GB display on the task manager. I have tried cranking the RAM voltage up to 1,25 and 1,3v, but to no avail. On some cases, not even the BIOS will display all modules, but this too, is absolutely arbitrary. I have swapped the modules around multiple times and it really doesn't appear to discriminate which ones don't power on correctly. This is kind of an awkward problem to diagnose, so if you have any ideas as to why this might be happening, let me know My specs: i7 6800K Asus X99-E 4x8GB G.Skill Ripjaws V 2400MHz Thanks
  15. Possible USB overload?

    That's what I figured too. Well, now I know it's not an isolated case, many thanks!