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    Birmingham, UK
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    IT Technician


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    Intel Core i7-9700K
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    Asus Z390M-GAMING Pro
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    16GB Corsair Vengeance DDR4
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    ASUS STRIX GTX1080 O11G Gaming
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    Corsair Carbide Air 240
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    1x 256GB Samsung 970 Evo M.2 NVMe 1x 120GB Samsung EVO 840. 1x 3TB Dell 7,200RPM, 1x 2TB Western Digital 7,200RPM. 1x 1TB Western Digital 7,200RPM
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    Corsair HX 750W Modular
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    Dell S2417DG
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    Corsair Hydro H60 (2018)
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    Microsoft Wireless Desktop 2000
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    Logitech G703 Wireless
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    Creative T20
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    Windows 10 x64
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  1. chiller15

    Riley and James need to go

    1) Watch tech YouTube videos 2) Finds LTT and associated channel's content 3) Watch various videos and decide to dislike said videos 4) Decide that the channel is not for you and stop watching them Or if you're this guy; 1) Watch tech YouTube videos 2) Finds LTT and associated channel's content 3) Watch various videos and decide to dislike said videos 4) Decide that the channel is not for you and stop watching them 5) Ignore 4) and carry on watching more videos on that channel regardless 4) Still ignoring 4), go to the channel's website and join their community forum 5) There is no 4), proceed to post complaints/hate towards employees of said channel that appear in the videos 5) No going back from 4) now, proceed to create a thread to highlight your dislike and proceed to berate anyone who has an opposing view
  2. chiller15

    Starting a PC company

    Do you have the ability to support these systems, should something go wrong with them in say? Usually when someone buys a PC and it goes wrong - their first call is to the place where they bought it from.
  3. Edit: Upon thinking about it - LMG/Floatplane are almost entirely self-created content, so they wouldn't be subject to Article 13. They only would if they included other people's content, such as memes. The forum is another beast entirely. They'd have to severely moderate and clamp down on the posting of memes and other such copyrighted content.
  4. chiller15

    EU Vote in Favour of Article 13

    The Balti, arguably one of the most famous curry dishes, is credited at being invented in Birmingham. So that's one exotic holiday you have planned in Buuuur-min-gum. P.s, I voted labour and always will. I grew up in an ex-mining town in Merseyside, so you can guess my views on the conservatives.
  5. chiller15

    EU Vote in Favour of Article 13

    Yes we have unemployed students (which is again our fault, not the EU)...but what use is their Business Studies or Travel and Tourism BTEC or degree going to be for a nursing position? Sweet FA. This country has historically ran itself into the ground and I can tell you now (as I work in the education sector), this government have royally screwed up the education system. I cannot get across how utterly effed it is now. I'm not spreading fear of leaving. Sure the country will carry on once we leave, I just genuinely think we'll be worse off for it. The housing market has starting to slide, which puts homeowners like me in a more risky position. The UK isn't the same as it was back when Grandaddy voted. Even without the EU. Times change, it's time you changed with them.
  6. chiller15

    EU Vote in Favour of Article 13

    I think you're also confusing immigration with migration. There is a difference. From your stance on the subject, I would imagine that you don't really like the NHS then? Since a massive amount of our NHS is staffed by non-UK born people, what will happen if you kick them out or prevent them from coming in the first place? We don't have people with the skills because our education system is ***ed up (also the UK's fault, not the EU) and our own citizens are unwilling to do that sort of work, so people from other countries will do a better job. We have become complacent as a nation (I do include myself in that) and we have caused our own problems. It is not the EU's fault that we've screwed ourselves over.
  7. chiller15

    EU Vote in Favour of Article 13

    As someone who lives and works in one of the most multi-cultural areas in the UK (and especially the specific area of Birmingham I work in), I cannot agree with your points at all. The issues of immigration here in the UK have nothing to do with the EU, but issues with our own benefits system...which is entirely within our control. It is extremely easy for people from poorer countries to come to the UK, manage for a short time and then be eligible for benefits from the government. Why do they chose the UK over other EU countries? Because it's easier to apply and receive benefits here than anywhere else. Will leaving the EU fix this? No.
  8. chiller15

    EU Vote in Favour of Article 13

    You don't think we've had our fair share of monstrosities over the years? Let us not forget that we, the British, have killed a hell of a lot more people over the past 2000 years than anyone else. Being part of the EU provides far more benefits than being out of it. We have a useless government throwing money away hand over fist to act on their misguided promise, regardless of how things change. I also hate those arguements about leaving the EU due to immigration. That's a problem created by the UK, not the EU. The problem will still persist, even when we leave the EU. Yes, this Article 13 business sucks and I am opposed to it, however it is just more ammunition for leavers to use to justify their often (not aimed at you) racially motivated points of view. Also, we didn't have much of a say in GDPR, however that was welcomed because it is actually a good EU law. It reminds me of that saying 'when the shoe fits'.
  9. chiller15

    Linus Please Help

    So you received a PC that was damaged during transit? What makes you think that this is something that LTT would cover?
  10. Like @Oshino Shinobu said, BitLocker is your answer. Instead of having that over-complicated idea, simply encrypt your drives with something like BitLocker (which is free for Windows PCs from Microsoft). If a device/drive is stolen...the thief cannot access the data without the password to access the drive. I have deployed BitLocker across my organisation (a school) to protect against theft as we have a lot of extremely sensitive data regarding our students and staff.
  11. chiller15

    Want to know is it worth it to change my graphics card

    Well you need to decide whether you want a computer or not first. If you sell your entire system, you won't have a system to buy a new graphics card for.
  12. chiller15

    EU Vote in Favour of Article 13

    Whilst that may be true, they know what money is. The music industry has been pushing for a lot of this. I'm not sure it takes much to connect the dots.
  13. chiller15

    EU Vote in Favour of Article 13

    Unless they withdraw their service from the EU entirely, they're going to have to create the annoying algorithm anyway.
  14. chiller15

    EU Vote in Favour of Article 13

    I think it'll have the similar wide-ranging effects that GDPR had across the Internet and how we manage data. I doubt that a company like YouTube are simply going to geoblock EU users from accessing non-EU content. They'll have to implement a system to check content prior to publishing anyway for those who upload inside the EU. I would expect them to roll that system out globally.
  15. chiller15

    EU Vote in Favour of Article 13

    We can kiss and make up, right? In all seriousness, this is a developing story and they were one of the only reputable non-paywall sites reporting on it at the time of posting.