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  1. D&D recording setup advice

    We'll outside of my mistake of forming that into a question sounds like a solution I'll try out this Wednesday and see how it goes. I'm still up hearing out any other ideas for the concept. Also if anyone has audacity advice I've only just starting using it and am up for hearing ideas to make the audio sound better.
  2. D&D recording setup advice

    When you say table mic are you talking something along the lines of this http://www.bestbuy.com/site/insignia-usb-microphone/6063105.p?skuId=6063105 That I could easily afford if you think it would work and by plugging these into my laptop would Audacity be able to handle recording the 7 different audio sources as you'd have the dungeon masters audio and the 6 players audio.
  3. I'm looking for advice on how I'd go about setting up a recording solution for my D&D group. I have a group of 6 players who play and I like the idea of being able to record our sessions so if someone misses a game we could send them the audio in order to hear what happened during the last session and perhaps upload video footage of the game onto YouTube for fun. Obviously I could spend thousands of dollars getting mixing boards and expensive mics for outdoor use [Since we normally play outside and next to other players] but I'm just curious to see if anyone has any reasonably lower cost ideas for how one might record a session. Getting video footage is less of a major concern as getting good audio from 6 people to me is the real challenge.