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    Asus Z97-DELUXE
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    Kingston HyperX 16GB (2x8GB) 1866MHz
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    ASUS ROG Matrix GeForce GTX 980 Ti Platinum
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    CM MasterCase 5 Pro
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    Corsair SP2500
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  1. Yea, already noticed and edited my post.
  2. The 16 cores on AM4 is pretty official, unless you're reffering to AM4 and Ryzen 4000. Nevermind I understood you wrong.
  3. There's a couple of ways to achieve what you're after, but I doubt you''ll be able to get that exact set of characters without using some extra software and doing some setup. LTT has 2 videos on how Taran made his macro/shortcut setup for editing I think it might help you.
  4. They said they will archive the footage on floatplane, but they didn't give any specifics on the timeframe. Between dealing with their day to day content and scrubbing through all the footage from the event it might take some time before it all goes up.
  5. If all the system repair options fail then your best bet would probably be setting it all up from scratch, as in reinstalling the OS and setting up all the drivers for the CT scanner, that's optimistically assuming that none of the hardware actually died. I've had the luck of not having to work with any older digital medical equipment, but I know it can be a pain to get it back up and running on any kind of modern day PC, depending on what old standards it relied on to interface with the computer correctly.
  6. You don't have to connect to all 4 contacts, it's likely that those are just SPST switches but they have doubled up contacts to provide more contact points for surface mounting on the board (even if the switch on the board is a DPST then given what those switches are doing on that speaker it's just going to be wired as if it was an SPST with doubled up contacts). It's best if you use a multimeter in continuity check mode with the speaker turned off to check between which two sides the switch closes the circuit when you press it. Once you know that, you'll know where to solder your 2 wires and you can leave the other 2 contacts alone. For what you're trying to do you can use pretty much any type of momentary switch you find as long as you wire it correctly, since it only needs to be able to close a single circuit. I know nothing about Arduino or RaspberryPi's, so I can't help you there. With regards to ideas for media controllers for training your dog, I think you pretty much nailed it. A bluetooth speaker won't just give you the media control, but it'll also give you immediate feedback on whether it worked as intended. I mean sure, maybe you could make it fancier and with more bells and whistles on an Arduino or something alike, but the bluetooth speaker is probably less messing around for getting started quicker and if you ever want to expand it, I'm pretty sure you'll be able to desolder the wires and repurpose the keyboard you're making now with a more complex system, when you get around to it.
  7. It's quite unlikely it would give you that much more battery life. Ram takes very little power overall. Not necessarily, it depends on what kind of chips are on the current ram sticks you got and what kind of chips would be on the new ones, but even if you have half the number of modules on a stick, that's not going to give you 20 extra minutes of battery life, it's more likely to be like a minute or two, if not less.
  8. No, you can't connect them like that.
  9. I don't see how they could steal your identity through you initiating a phone call, they'd have to hack your mobile provider first and if they had done that already then they wouldn't really need to call you or get you to call them. My guess is it might've just been a scam call, but when you sat silent for a couple sec they just disconnected.
  10. Unplug the things you don't use all the time one by one until it doesn't happen anymore and you'll find the culprit. It might be something as simple as a wire starting to break. Obvoiusly if you end up with just the keyboard and mouse plugged in and it's still making the sound then it might be one of those. And try to blow out any dust or dirt from the unused ports.
  11. Indeed, check the 24-pin and the 4-pin for the CPU and since it's a mobo you had laying around clear the CMOS aswell, maybe it's trying to run the RAM with the wrong settings.
  12. Both Corsair and Amazon shouldn't give you any headaches with returns in case something doesn't work, so both sound good.
  13. Looks good, it should work. I'd just make sure to buy it from a store that has a reasonable returns policy, just in case.
  14. In theory, yes. You should also check all the different timings between the modules as those product names alone don't really give you the full spec, but theoretically if one of the sets is slower on some timings you can run the whole lot on the slower timings and technically it should work, that said it doesn't always go that butter smooth in practice and you won't really know until you try.