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    Value Shopper
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    Indonesia, Southeast Asia.....
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    Price Performance, Bang for your Buck, Good value for the money
    Front-End Development
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    An usual day, was finding a good place to talk tech with other people
    And found this forum, managed to stay here for like 1 year and until now.
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  1. Samsung Galaxy Note 7 complaints = Battery is too big for the phone, the battery has no room to dissipate heat!


    Samsung Galaxy Note 8 complaints = Why no big battery? Why it has around the battery size of a S8?!


    Samsung Galaxy Note 9 complaints = (was fine... until a case "one explodes") Make it a bit thicker please... So we don't get this exploding thing again!


    Mankind what do you want?

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    2. razor007


      goody boy

      how ya mate 

    3. razor007


      man im lookin for cheap controller for gamimg ..razor n xbox 1 are costly 

      do u know any in d market ?

    4. Ordinarily_Greater


      im good, just got interested to car mods. how about you?


      anyways maybe i can give you an idea for the controllers on amazon, its xbox layout




      Edit : check out the amazon basics one if you want other options as well, as it might be better than the Gamesir