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  1. So my poor linnmon table top from ikea caved in from my dual monitor arm being clamped to it. I now have a monitor floating above it and I had to put some steel plates between the desk and my new monitor clamp. Does anyone have any rec ommendations for a strong desk that can support this weight. See the attached picture.
  2. I have it on steam so I can't do that through uplay. If I do it on steam, it does nothing.
  3. So when I look at ops in the operator menu, there is a strange effect on all the ops (some are worse than others) where the model becomes corrupted. If you look at the attached image, you can see it particularly around rooks hands. Has anyone else seen this, and if so does a fix exist? I also occasionally have texture corruption in game but I don't have any screenshots of that.
  4. I've got this wierd bug where my android tv appears twice when I wanna cast from youtube. Anyone have a fix for this?
  5. Unfortunately not. I can change it in the registry but it doesn't stick.
  6. everytime I change from my speakers to my headset.
  7. It honestly just kinda annoys me that the numbers are there but if it can't be changed then whatever I guess
  8. How do I get rid of the numbers here and make it stick? I've tried jumping into the registry but it reverts back as soon as I restart my PC.
  9. Panc

    Switch/pc speakers

    Is there a device that could eliminate the need to do that?
  10. Panc

    Switch/pc speakers

    I have my nintendo switch plugged into my monitor on my pc desk. I wanna use my desktop speakers with the switch however it is a little annoying to have to unplug the speakers when I wanna switch between devices. The speakers are harmon/kardon soundsticks btw.
  11. There should be a button saying user scenario but there isn't
  12. PWM. Its not the specific fan i can control. I'm unable to access the menu at all. to get into the menu to control them at all. The option is missing.
  13. The fans on the RAD are connected to a pwm hub mounted on the radiator which is then plugged into the cpu fan header.
  14. The AIO is a fractal design celsius+ s36. The mobo is a meg x570 ace.
  15. So I got a new AIO and I went into MSI dragon center to configure the fan speed. The 'User scenario' option is no longer there. I have tried reinstalling the software to no avail.