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  1. I kinda forgot about this topic but i got the iso file on flash and booted from there , took a while downloading it again but i got it now my rig is almost complete just need to wait for vega some gaming monitor discounts and il also try modding my case a little like luke did with his amethyst case mod il just try to make it more comfortable for the case
  2. If you have atpeast a 4 core 4 therad cpu at 2.5ghz you can play ps2
  3. If you have a beffy cpu u can try planetside 2
  4. I havent used the code yet i need to get the instalation screen to post on my new pc i have the iso file on a empty ssd and i need it to boot on that
  5. I got a windows 10 oem key and i heard that when you install it on another computer you cant move it to another computer, is that true? Cause i jus built a new pc and i got a windows 10 iso file on another computer and i dont know what to do with it, tried runing install and it said that i am trying to pirate it or something and said i should enter a activation code so i bought a code and i dont know if it will only run on the computer i am installing it on
  6. So if i get this i get full windows but its not licenced and if i want it licenced i just need to enter a oem code?
  7. I will get windows 10 later today will post any problems here if i run in to some if i dont il mark as solved
  8. I just built a new pc and i need help getting to windows 7. New specs: ryzen 5 1600, asrock fatal1ty gaming k4 x370, 16 gb corsair vengeance rgb 3200mhz, gtx 1050 and corsair cx 650. I got into bios and i swiched boot option 1 to my hard drive(where i have windows installed) and should i disable boot option 2? When i tried to boot into windows it showes me blue screen for 1/3 of a second and restarts the pc. This is my first build idk what am i doing wrong
  9. can changing the antena stop that from happening?
  10. but now on the other thing with the triangle and why it only happens on winter does the antena freze or something
  11. so everything is as it should be and i just didnt know the difrance betwen Mb and MB
  12. so you mean like if i have a 12 megabit/s internet it is more like 1 megabyte?
  13. when i test it shows Mb not MB so i think megabits
  14. i dont use wifi everything is cabeled from antena to my pc and this happens on every game i download, on steam it only goes to about 730 kb/s when i download overwach it also shows somewhere around 730 kb/s. and whe does the triangle thing only happen during winter never hapened during summer