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  1. Looks promising as well, tough call. Yeah my criteria are pretty restrictive but it's not by choice in regards to size and price unfortunately. Thanks for the suggestions though, I really appreciate them
  2. It's really impressive for the price, pretty tempting as well. Although it is TN and I have a slight preference for IPS which I forgot to mention originally (fixed that now) but I really like what it offers for the price, thanks!
  3. Very enticing actually, pretty much identical to the 24G2, thanks! That's for sure, I had that tab open while making this post. I'm just looking for suggestions (from personal experience if applicable) to narrow things down a bit.
  4. Hey everyone, I'm in the market for a 24 inch 144hz monitor with Freesync and was looking for some suggestions. I hear the AOC 24G2 is fantastic but it's out of stock everywhere (in Canada). My budget is $400 CAD and I'm pretty firm on the criteria, but I can drop to 120hz refresh rate. I'm open to all panel types, but do have a slight preference for IPS. I currently have the LG 24MP59G as my main screen and a BENQ GW2470 as my second. Ideally I'd make the LG my second screen and have the BENQ as a backup. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!
  5. Hey everyone, my build uses the Masterbox Pro 5 RGB and I was looking for some opinions and/or suggestions regarding a planned mod to the front panel to improve airflow and cooling. For those who are unfamiliar with the case, here's a quick explanation of the front panel. The front panel is a solid piece of tinted acrylic that measures approximately 17 inches by 5 inches. It has small ventilation holes running the length of the panel on both sides that are about 4 mm wide. There are three 120 mm fans directly behind the panel that pull air into the case. In short, these three fans are fairly restricted in terms of airflow. The European Cooler Master store sells a mesh front panel replacement for the case, but it comes out to around $70 CAD with shipping. At that point I might as well spend a little more and buy a new case. I came up with two mods to choose between. The first would be to cut a hole in the acrylic panel, then fill the hole with a mesh (preferably metal) and attach a dust filter behind the mesh. The second would be to drill holes throughout the entire acrylic panel, then attach a dust filter behind the panel. What mod do you think would work best? Have any of you ever done a similar mod? If so, any idea where I can buy a big enough mesh and dust filter? Thanks in advance for any input!
  6. I haven't checked those, mostly because I don't know how to. The machine has been able to boot though, but it takes a long take time and boots directly into safe mode.
  7. I have done quite a bit of heavy gaming on it over the years while also using it for school. However, I did recently take it apart using a guide and cleaned it thoroughly.
  8. Hi everyone, I've got a pretty big problem with midterms right around the corner. I have a late 2012 Lenovo Y580 running Windows 7 Home Premium (not sure if it's 32 or 64 bit), with a 500GB HDD, i7 3610QM, GTX 660M, and 8GB of RAM. Ever since yesterday I've been having problems booting up after experiencing a BSOD. When it does boot, it boots into safe mode but it takes a good 15 minutes to do so. Since then, it's done the following: chkdsk and automatic system repair (which took over 8 hours). I'm currently attempting a system restore to last week, before this problem, and it's been almost 2 hours since I started it. I'm doubtful that it'll work, I hope I'm wrong. Anyways, I was wondering if anyone had any ideas as to what the issue is. I wish I could provide more details but that's all I can remember with midterms coming up. Thank you in advance for any and all help.