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  • CPU
    pentium G3258
  • Motherboard
    msi h81m-p33
  • RAM
    8 gb
  • GPU
    msi gtx 750 ti
  • Case
    nzxt 210 source elite
  • Storage
    500 gb 5400 rpm , 240 gb SSD
  • PSU
    thermaltake 530w
  1. ohh i see , i'll get another cable and retry , thanks for your help.
  2. Hello guys , I bought a new monitor yesterday , the Benq zowie Xl2411p and i plugged it with the display port that comes with it to my msi 1050 ti . I booted my computer everything was all right , then when i switched to 144hz and applied it , it started rebooting and twinkling . help pls
  3. i'm not sure to fully undertand your question but i think my gpu is detected yes. ( i'm using a 750 ti ).reinstalling the software didn't fix the probleme btw
  4. thx for your reply , i actually tried to install a new geforce exprerience copy from nvidia's website but same issue . I'll try the link you sent and see .thx for your help .
  5. allright i'll try to contact them thx for your help
  6. no , i was thinking to let that option in the end
  7. i tried it already but same issue
  8. hello, for a few days , geforce experience does not detecte my games anymore and whenever i try to update my gpu it either says " something went wrong . try restarting geforce experience." or " Unable to connect to Nvidia".how can i fix this ? thank you .
  9. no i actually don't . I'll download MalwareBytes and see . thx for your help !
  10. Hi, i can't reactivate windows defender pls help me ! ( the pictures are in french sorry )
  11. hi guys need some help , i wanted to know how could i express this sentence " i dream of passing my bac exam and become an astronomer in the future" starting with " i wish ..............................................."
  12. ok , so what's the minimum i can get from it , like in the worst scenario ?
  13. i want to estimate my pentium g3258 , a msi h81m-p33 + 8 gb of ddr3 ( 2 x 4gb) 1600 mhz i bought them in august 2015 .
  14. try to turn off HRTF in the audio settings and put it to "stereo speakers" , it worked for me after the HRTF update