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  1. Jevnaker

    Monitor stuck as pnp monitor

    i have tried but I'm not sure if i have succeeded or not. how can i check / tell if i have succeeded.
  2. Jevnaker

    Monitor stuck as pnp monitor

    windows is removing the freesync monitor required driver. and i am not even sure if i have gotten freesync working at all.
  3. Jevnaker

    When taller than your neck support

    no but ty for the tip will do.
  4. Jevnaker

    Monitor stuck as pnp monitor

    No i have only one cable i finally found a way that made windows actually install the driver but when the pc restarts it forces the pnp driver to be installed on top of the proper one / installed instead of the proper one. so the cable is fine it is windows keeps replacing the correct from manufacturer driver with the pnp one.
  5. Jevnaker

    Monitor stuck as pnp monitor

    Hi i have been trying to get my windows 10 desktop to recognise my aoc g2460vq and not have it stuck as pnp monitor so i could set up the freesync with gsync stuff. Yes i am using display port to display port. my graphics card is an 1060 gtx 3gb. but it keeps refusing to recognise the monitor as anything else than pnp. i have tried deleting the pnp monitor and then installing the actual monitor driver files. that did not help. i tried the disconnect monitor from power and turn off pc stuff. i have tried so many different solutions i found on the net please help.
  6. Jevnaker

    When taller than your neck support

    @Tristerin Thanks the one i have now is good for my weight but is just like an couple of cm to low in relation to neck if i sit straight up and down like supposedly best position.
  7. Jevnaker

    When taller than your neck support

    @Tristerin Looks nice but it has too low weight limit.
  8. Jevnaker

    When taller than your neck support

    @Tristerin I am 2m tall and currently using an hyperx stealth gaming chair.
  9. Hi is there anyone else who is tall, who are taller than the neck support pillow on the gaming chair that they managed to get. how do you guys deal with this issue? or when your neck in your natural sitting position is above where the neck support is / chair back ends.
  10. Jevnaker

    Just randomly did a weird thing in windows

    OK thank you for the help.
  11. Jevnaker

    Just randomly did a weird thing in windows

    thank you that was it never heard of this before so i was really suprised. can i turn this feature off?
  12. hi i was just alt tabbing from wow to my browser and i hit something by accident and suddenly i was like switching to copies of my desktop withouth any programs running. using windows button + arrow buttons left and right. i have no idea how this happend and now i can't recreate it.
  13. @Danioki except this issue appearing now and again i am pretty happy with opera actually.
  14. well @Danioki that sounds strange because it is an issue i have had come and go with opera on several pc's through the years withouth any viruses being found on the computers.
  15. well @duncannah i don't use any opera extensions that i know off. but i will check if i have any, but still it is weird that this is a problem that comes and goes. i checked and i have adblock, but i have had the issue before i had adblock.