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  1. Could i run vinegar through my loop to clean it or would it cause harm?
  2. What is the best way to thoroughly wash out my rad, cpu block, and pump? Should i use pressurized water and should i use any soaps?
  3. Thanks for the answer. The bubbles did eventually purge. Now I'm curious about the plasctizer. Is it just gunk? If i empty and refill the loop with fresh water every now and then will i be okay?
  4. I just built my first custom loop out of an old closed loop and a tube that i got from Lowes. I have some bubble problems and i think if i got rid of the surface tension that the bubbles would clear out quicker. I know soap will do that but it will also cause suds. I am aware of water wetter as well but i dont want to spend any money if i can help it. I'm just curious if there is any household chemical that would remove the water surface tension without causing suds or destroying my components. Thanks!