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  1. Chinese x79 board & 2x16gb RAM with xeon E5-2689 processor today morning both RAM sticks working & i used for a while after that i shut down and turned on at evening now my pc didn't turn on it shows post code 67 then i removed one RAM i turned on it works and then i swap the slot 1 RAM with removed RAM stick its also works then i insert one ram to slot 2 it didn't power on & showing post code 67 after i checked all four slots. Only DIMM 1 slot is working remaining showing post code 67 https://imgur.com/a/DrgLbep
  2. Same monitor & adaptor works with my laptop & with the same resolution. & I tried with lower resolution also but no success
  3. Actually this PC using like a server for my brother he live in another state & he access this with TeamViewer or anydesk remote computer from his ipad. This is just for tensorflow AI training his program takes lot of time to complete So we leave in running with monitor. This monitor is for just diagnosed when any problem faced & Monitor works fine with another laptop & it pic its base resolution of 1024 X 768 at 60Hz. When I'm connected & it shows BIOS menu & logo when starting
  4. recently i build my first PC with gtx1070 ,xeon E5-2689 & Chinese x79 motherboard i have a problem with display output it dosnt show display with HDMI to vga converter with old monitor but it showing the display output on teamviewer & anydesk remotely with my another laptop & it showing monitor spec when im connected my PC with HDMI to VGA converter when PC turning on it showing BIOS logo & after few seconds it stops display output can any know the fix for my problem HDMI to VGA cable works fine with my laptop i tried resetting the BIOS but no result
  5. Some one close this the problem with my HDMI cable not with the build thanks for the help
  6. I was ordered Chinese plexHD x79 motherboard , xeon E5-2689 processor , two 16gb DDR3 ecc memory sticks & 240gb NVMe from AliExpress With GTX1070 8gb , Corsair TX750M &Corsair H90 oem cooling After the assembly im having a problem of no display with post code of Ab I don't know what it was I'm new to this some one help me
  7. I seen a video on linus tech tips the plastic goes weak & ram slot was broken after while did you face any problem like that.
  8. I have samsung bar plus 64gb pendrive im thinking to use my pendrive as portable Windows 10 OS Does it works when i insert this in different configuration pc or laptop?
  9. I need a guide to buy a new laptop my price was 55000 INR. 820 USD. I found some Dell Inspiron 15 5570 Dell Inspiron 15 3576 Which one would i choose or is there any better choices...?
  10. I have an idea https://www.aliexpress.com/item/-/32816239859.html I was contacted the seller he said no storage,4gb ddr3 RAM it costs 125$ usd it costs 8000 is good.?
  11. confused while buying mini pc im searching for pc online suggest pc or mini pc in 150usd no need of storage
  12. I was formatted whole C a and boot partition while installing new OS first it was came with windows 8 next windows 7 next windows 10 after few days it emits heat from WiFi card but it works fine next i was downgraded to windows 7 Before windows 10 everything is perfect fine In device manager no unknown device is listed on device manager all perfect and updated but when I try to connect WiFi its not working