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  1. If your case has the clearance then Noctua all the way. NhD15 is massive but unrivalled in terms of performance. If you wanna go for something slightly less pricey then NH U14S for a single tower cooler.
  2. Thanks all for your responses, much appreciated. Lockdown is definitely causing me to look to buy but you're right when you say wait due to personal finances and general market volatility. I'm running dual channel 4 + 4 and then a single 2GB stick. I saw an Asus TUF 5700xt for £300 but as you say, it's riddled with driver issues and this particular model runs toasty on the VRMs. Fyi I have a 27 inch 1440p 144hz monitor from Ebuyer's own Element Gaming line so would be looking to utilise this resolution / frame rate when I do buy. Thanks
  3. Hi all, Looking for some thoughts on whether to upgrade from a 970 to 2060 / 5600XT or upgrade my CPU ram and mobo to Ryzen 5 platform. Due to budget constraints would it be worthwhile? My question more specifically is, at this point in time (human malware ongoing etc) to upgrade or to wait until the new chips come out in Autumn / fall with a new system entirely (cpu + gpu). Specs: 4690k OC 4400 Ghz CM hyper 212 turbo 10GB ddr3 1333 (a stick died) Asus gtx 970 (blower style) Any thoughts much appreciated. Thanks
  4. Hi all configured a build for around £750 (already have storage etc) basically the question is - 7600k and 1060 OR 7500 and 1070 thanks detol
  5. Hi all, First post on LTT forum after watching LTT for the last 3 years. I'm in my final year at university and need a new laptop. My budget is £1000 but I was wondering whether this could be allocated to a Chromebook and a gaming rig instead? The laptop i'm considering is £850, i7 7700hq and 1050ti OR The chromebook is about £200 has measly specs (but come on, its a chromebook) And the proposed rig would include 7600k and a 1070/1060 rounding off the £1000 budget. I know this question largely boils down to my use case for the machine but still, Any opinions/expert advice is much appreciated Ta Detol