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  1. Ah that's very interesting, because most people seem to say that there's frame-skipping. Thanks for your input! I'd like to hear anyone else's experience with LG monitors (preferably the 34UC88 or 34UC98 or similar) and getting 75Hz on an Nvidia card. Cheers!
  2. These are two very different inputs, so can both of you clarify? @Ziodin Can you please try to overclock the monitor using CRU, or perhaps enable FreeSync and use the 75Hz natively? That would really help me out in further understanding whether 75Hz would work. @dosmoney Have you tested out the UFO Test? If not, could you test it out here: UFO Test: Frame Skipping Checker Thanks for both of your inputs. Cheers!
  3. Sorry for the bump (and double post), but I'm still looking for an answer. If anyone could chip in that would be nice. Cheers.
  4. I am aware of that, however this monitor doesn't allow for 75Hz to be used without FreeSync being enabled, and although it is possible to enable FreeSync on an Nvidia card to get the 75Hz, lots of people seem to say they experience frame skipping. As for what "frame skipping" means, I believe it's basically when the GPU drops some frames that should be displayed. For example, if the monitor is 75Hz (like in this instance) you won't actually be seeing the full 75 frames that should be displayed; it would display less frames. Could someone who owns this monitor and uses an Nvidia card (or someone who has information regarding this) perhaps shed some light on this? Is it possible to fully utilise that 75Hz without having an AMD card?
  5. Good day everyone. I'm planning on getting the LG 34UC88, but was wondering whether I could get to 75Hz without any frame skipping, with an Nvidia card? I've read in some places that they were able to get 75Hz, but they seem to always mention that it ends up frame skipping, so if anyone who owns the monitor or a similar one could shed some light onto this, that would be great. Furthermore, I was also wondering if anyone successfully increased the FreeSync range to something lower, like 40Hz-75Hz, and if so how did you go about doing it? Any help is appreciated. Cheers.
  6. All I could find on Ebay were used 34UC97 monitors for over $600. Is there any way you could provide me with a link? As for the refurbished and used Dell curved ultrawide, I know it's only a little over $500 but I was hoping for something either exactly at $500 or below that. Any other suggestions?
  7. Good day. I previously started a thread asking whether I could find a curved ultrawide monitor for around $300. This time I have a slightly higher budget, and I'm also fine with looking at the used market. So if anyone has any idea where I can find a 34" curved ultrawide monitor for $500, used or new, do tell me. I have found this: https://www.amazon.com/LG-29UC88-B-UltraWide-HDMI-Monitor/dp/B01DMPK6DU ..and it suits practically all my needs is except for two things; - It's 29 inches - It doesn't ship to where I live As always, any help is appreciated. Cheers!
  8. Got it guys, $500 isn't really possible, but once again, I'm not talking about the US here. Anywho, I'll either be looking at Ebay or just telling him about scrap metal companies. Other than that, he could keep them on hold until perhaps he can find a company that needs a large amount of server racks. Thanks to everyone for the help.
  9. $500 is relatively cheap where I'm living (different currency so yea). Ebay is a consideration, but I was wondering if some companies would actually be looking to buy these in bulk? Doesn't seem like it from your replies. I'll check Ebay, any more suggestions are welcome. Cheers!
  10. Good day. Recently a colleague of mine told me that he's looking to sell some server racks. He has around 40-60 that he was previously using for his company, and he wants my help to try and sell them. He said he's looking to sell them as quick as possible as he is in need of the money. So which is the best way to sell a bulk amount of server racks as quick as possible? Could I perhaps sell them all to a manufacturer or such? They are full-sized server racks that he bought for around $1000 each several years ago, and he's now looking to sell them for $500 or more. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
  11. Wow, that is surprisingly close to a Fractal case, good find! Although I don't like the hard drive bays at the front of the case plus no PSU shroud, so it's still not perfect for me. Will keep an eye on it though.
  12. Hello everybody. I'm a big fan of Fractal Design's cases, mainly because of their Scandinavian-style design and their cable management, but there's one problem; none of their cases currently feature tempered glass. This is a big bummer for me as I'd really love having a tempered glass case to show off my build. I know there are ways to mod the case and add tempered glass, but it seems like a whole lot of work with a lot of chances for error. The Fractal Design Define Mini C is pretty much perfect for me, other than it not having a TG side panel, which begs the question; when will Fractal Design, practically the only case manufacturer who hasn't started making TG cases, jump on the bandwagon as well? And is there any other very similar option out there for me that does feature TG and is Micro ATX? This is meant to be more of a discussion thread, so any input is appreciated. Cheers!
  13. Good day everybody. I recently saw a new video from randomfrankp, in which he shows off a "new" product that syncs up the RGB LEDs behind one's TV to whatever they're watching at. I have personally never come across this concept, but after reading some comments I learned that it isn't new and is called Ambilight. With that, I have a question; are there any good (and preferably affordable) ambilights for PC? I'd love it if they worked with everything (games, videos, even the desktop wallpaper). Any help with this is appreciated. Cheers!
  14. Hi. Again, apologies for the slight bump. I have now made the decision that I would be fine with replacing the keycaps of a keyboard if needed. So, if anybody knows of any TKL mechanical keyboard with cable routing, even if it has a gamer-y font, I'm fine with it, as I'll be able to replace the keycaps. I would also prefer some RGB lights. Cheers!
  15. Does anyone else have thoughts on this? Any help is appreciated.